Top Fire Proof Gun Safe Options

Full Size, Handgun, and Wall Safes

So, you want a fire proof gun safe? Smart thinking! The probability of a fire occurring in your home is over fire proof wall safe6.5 times as likely as a burglary. While the need is clear, there is some difficulty in finding the best fire rated gun safes on the market.

Some have certifications from organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories, while others have a rating that is determined in-house by the manufacturer.

Here we will parse through some of the fire proof gun safe terminology and provide a list of safes with fire proof or at least fire resistant capabilities.

For a complete and comprehensive discussion of how gun safes are fire rated, please see the appropriate section of my Gun Safe Buying Guide. I give you more details than you probably want to know!!

FAST FACTS: As touched upon above, your risk of residential fire is much greater than residential burglary. In 2009,
there were over 377,000 house fires, compared with only 56,000 burglaries.

If you are interested in a particular type of fire proof gun safe, you can click on the link below to go right to that section:

Wall Gun Safes

Handgun Safes

Full Size Gun Safes

Wall Fire Proof Gun Safe Options

Gardall and AMSEC are the two main companies that manufacture fireproof wall gun safes. Each company makes two different models. I review all four fireproof wall gun safes here.

All of the models have a Class 350 1 hour fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories. This means that the exterior of the safe was subjected to 1,700° F temperature, and the interior maintained a 350° F temperature or less for 1 hour.

As noted in the review, this is amazing considering that most full size gun safes cannot do this. What is even more amazing is that you get this protection for typically less than $500. These safes are fairly large, so make sure you look at the dimensions before buying.

Handgun Fire Proof Gun safe Options

Fireproof handgun safes are not easy to find. In fact, I do not know of any fire proof models that are specifically marketed for handgun use. The lack of options does make some sense, as most handgun owners buy a pistol safe because it affords quick access during a home invasion.

However, you do have some choices depending upon your individual situation. There are literally countless options if you purchase a standard “cube” shaped safe. First Alert makes some good entry level options. Mesa and Protex makes some excellent higher level fireproof cube safes.

If you are looking for a smaller more traditional handgun safe look, then check out the following:

  1. Protex LC30D
  2. Protex LC30J
  3. Protex LC35D
  4. Hollon HS-320
  5. Hollon HS370

All of these models are very similar in size to your standard handgun safe, except they come with excellent fire ratings. They use electronic and manual locks, so entry times should be similar to traditional handgun safes with the same type of locks.

Full Size Fire Proof Gun Safe Options

As discussed fully in my gun safe buying guide, fire ratings on full size gun safes is a bit tricky. Most manufacturers do the rating in-house. This means that no independent person actually is checking their rating.

With some companies, I am ok with this. They have been around a long time and have an excellent reputation. Also, there tends to be enough pictures and videos floating around the internet to give you a comfort level that the safe will perform as expected. Other companies are harder to trust.

Regardless, if you can get a third party to verify the findings, then all the better.

Below are the gun safe series reviewed so far on this site. To read more information about any given safe series, please click on the appropriate link:

Browning Safes

Fort Knox Safes

Remington Safes

Cannon Safes

Heritage Safes

Winchester Safes

Champion Safes

Liberty Safes

Fire Rating of:


  1. 30 Mins or Less
  2. 31 Mins-1 Hr
  3. 61 Mins-1.5 Hrs
  4. Over 1.5 Hrs

Fire Rating of 30 Minutes or Less

Company Series Rating Who Rated It?
Browning TheftGard 30 min. In-House
Cannon Scout 30 min. Intertek-ETL
Cannon Patriot 30 min. Intertek-ETL
Cannon Armory 30 min. Intertek-ETL
Liberty Centurion 30 min. In-House
Remington Sportsman 30 min. In-House
Winchester Deputy 20 min. In-House

Fire Rating of 31 Minutes to 1 Hour

Company Series Rating Who Rated It?
Browning Bronze 45 min. In-House
Browning Silver 60 min. In-House
Cannon Cannon 60 min. Intertek-ETL
Champion Model T 45 min. In-House
Champion Medalist 60 min. In-House
Fort Knox Maverick 45 min. In-House
Heritage Citadel 60 min. IRT
Liberty Fatboy Jr. 45 min. In-House
Liberty Fatboy 60 min. In-House
Liberty Colonial 45 min. In-House
Liberty Franklin 60 min. In-House
Remington Silver 45 min. In-House
Remington Magnum 60 min. In-House
Winchester Ranger 60 min. In-House

Fire Rating of 61 Minutes to 1.5 Hours

Company Series Rating Who Rated It?
Browning Medallion 90 min. In-House
Browning Gold 100 min. In-House
Cannon Commander 90 min. Intertek-ETL
Champion Trophy 90 min. In-House
Fort Knox Defender 90 min. In-House
Fort Knox Protector 90 min. In-House
Fort Knox Guardian 90 min. In-House
Fort Knox Executive 90 min. In-House
Fort Knox Titan 90 min. In-House
Fort Knox Legend 90 min. In-House
Heritage Regal 75 min. IRT
Liberty Lincoln 90 min. In-House
Remington Titanium 90 min. In-House
Winchester Silverado 90 min. In-House

Fire Rating over 1.5 Hours

Company Series Rating Who Rated It?
Browning Platinum Plus 2 Hours In-House
Champion Triumph 2 hours In-House
Champion Crown 2 hours In-House
Heritage Tradition 95 min. IRT
Heritage Ultimate 125 min. IRT
Liberty Presidential 2.5 hours In-House
Liberty National 2.5 hours In-House
Remington Premium 2.5 hours In-House
Winchester Legacy 2 hours In-House

There you have it! Your best Fire Proof Gun Safe Options.

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