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    This site was created by Erich Schulz, an avid outdoorsman. As a father with two young children, finding the right gun safe was very important to him, particularly one that was hard to get into.

    Erich created StrongGunSafes.com out of frustration with his search. He found it hard to fathom that for such an expensive item, there was little uniformity amongst many of the terms and/or presentation of the many different features of a good gun safe.

    It almost seemed like some manufacturers liked to hide the ball when describing their safes, deliberately omitting key features. Or perhaps the manufacturers were trying to keep it simple because few gun safe buyers even knew what to look for in a gun safe?

    Whatever the reason, Erich decided to share some of what he learned and even go beyond this to actually review many of the different options out there. We’re glad he did and hope you like the site.

    BUT! If you have a suggestion or find an error, please let us know. Also, please feel free to share your own personal experiences on this site. We hope you take this opportunity.

    Meg Howe
    Editor, StrongGunSafes.com

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