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    ADG Sports makes the popular Secure Vault series of pistol and handgun safes. There are 5 models in the series that all utilize either a 5 digit or 10 digit electronic lock mechanism. The company also offers front, top and drop down loading pistol safe options.

    In addition to the handgun safes, ADG manufactures a wide variety of, mostly portable, range boxes and rifle storage cases.

    All of the pistol safe models are reasonably priced, suggested retail pricing is all under $150, but most models can be had for under $100. Several models even utilize 4 gauge steel in the body construction, which is quite impressive, although they only have 11 gauge steel in the door.

    PLEASE NOTE: lf. These same pre-drilled holes can also be used with a cable locking system. The safes DO NOT come
    with mounting hardware or cables, which must be purchased separately.

    PLEASE NOTE PART II: None of these models are designed to be portable. In fact, ADG Sports cautions
    you that if you drop it, the door could “pop” open. Whoops! While it is good practice anyway, make sure you mount these safes, preferable to a wall.

    1. 33013
    2. 33018
    3. 33081, 33082, 33083
    4. 33090
    ADG 33013 handgun safe

    Secure Vault 33013

    The Secure-Vault 33013 has a basic 5 button electronic lock. It is a simple front door box construction. While it
    retails for $100, it can be purchased for around $65. Reports from users are mixed, some say it is good for the
    money, while others say it has cheap steel and can be opened by a novice in under a minute with a common screwdriver.

    Bottom line is that it is an inexpensive box that should stop most children from easily getting your pistol.
    Beyond that, it offers not so much protection. It is California DOJ approved.

    Lock Type Electronic
    Weight 9.5 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions 12.75″ x 8″ x 6″
    Exterior Dimensions 13″ x 8.25″ x 6.5″
    Attachment Bolt Holes
    Key Override Yes
    CA DOJ Yes

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