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    Fort Knox Pistol Safes Series Review

    Here we review the most popular Fort Knox pistol safes marketed towards handgun and revolver owners.

    The Personal Box (PB), Compact Auto, and Controlled Access Box (CAB) Series of handgun safes have approximately 6 main models that range in size.  These models come in your basic box shape, top opening, front opening and drawer.

    Fort Knox Handgun safes are the strongest around.  They are high quality and built in the US.   Because they use a mechanical lock rather than an electronic one, they open quickly with just a simple push of buttons using your own combination.  These safes feature a Simplex© mechanical lock which has a built in gas cylinder shock to speed opening of the safe.  And the great thing is there are no batteries to change.

    The original Fort Knox Pistol Box (PB1) is a top opening safe, whereas some of the newer models featured here open from the front.

    FYI – I have not reviewed all of the Fort Knox Pistol Safes models, only the more popular ones.

    Best Pricing

    Here are links to the best pricing on the Fort Knox pistol safes product line. Make sure you factor in shipping costs. Amazon.com typically does not include shipping. By comparison, Gunsafes.com has free shipping on orders over $50.


     “Fort Knox handgun safes are an affordable option that makes security a simple but reliable protection device.”


    1. PB1
    2. PB4
    3. CAB20
    4. CAB24
    5. CAB28
    6. Compact Auto
    fort knox pb1 handgun safe

    Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

    Fort Knox handgun safes are quickly becoming a go to for homeowners to secure their home protection pistols. It’s built with quality from its inception, Made in the U.S.A., with 10 gauge steel. Constructed from a single sheet to ensure its reliability and tamperproof fabrication.   

       The PB1 is built with a 3/16” steel wrap around door. The hinges are engineered inside the box making it a frustrating endeavor for any would be intruder. With the quality of materials used and the design construction in place, when this box is secured to your foundation you have created a hindrance to your uninvited guests. More importantly you have created an opportunity to slow them down in their tasks, because this is an impenetrable security device.

    One of the first things we looked at when inspecting the Fort Knox PB1 was construction. Made from the finest 10 gauge steel, and designed with protection foremost in mind. Next we wanted a locking mechanism that went beyond satisfactory.



    Lock Type Mechanical
    Weight 24 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions 3″ x 10 1/2″ x 9″
    Exterior Dimensions 4 1/4″x 12 1/2″x 10 3/8″
    Attachment Four pre-drilled
    Key Override NA
    CA DOJ Approved Yes

    An additional plus is this Simplex push button mechanical lock that offers up to 1,081 combinations. This allows you the freedom to update your code when you feel it’s necessary.

    The PB1 offers a mechanical entry. Simply place you fingers on the push buttons in the combination you have created, turn your lock, and you have access. This system allows you to enter your safe as if you were fingering the frets on a guitar neck. Once you’re in, the PB1 offers abundant room. With two tier cushioning on the top and bottom, you have room to hold your best handguns. You may be limited with your higher calibers to just one gun. If you’re looking to house two smaller caliber weapons, such as .380, or a .38 revolver, this one box will do the job.

    Once the code is applied, the pneumatic strut opens the lid and keeps it from collapsing on you during a critical time of need. The predrilled holes allow you the user to set it up where it’s convenient for you. Hammer drill it into the foundation in your closet for long term use.  Nut and bolt it into your night stand drawer for easy access, or simply slide it under your bed so it’s ready to transport when you’re ready to leave.

    The limited life time warranty gives you the comfort of knowing that this made in the U.S.A. product will stand with you during the long haul. We couldn’t be happier with this handgun safe from Fort Knox. An ideal gift anytime of the year, you can find the PB1 selling for just over $200.


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