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    Reviewing Gardall Wall Safe Options

    Gardall Safe has the most comprehensive line of wall safes in the industry. In 2011, the company had 12 different wall safe models. Overall, Gardall is one of the most widely carried safe manufacturers in the country with approximately 3,500 dealers nationwide.

    This is incredible. To put some perspective on this, within 25 miles of my home just outside of Boston, there are over 40 dealers! This does not even include the internet only dealers. This is one popular safe company!

    Besides wall safes, Gardall Safe also specialize in mostly cube shaped residential and commercial fire and burglary safes, as well as in floor safes. They do offer some full sized gun safes, but they are not quite the quality of their other product lines.

    Gardall Safe separates their wall safes into three main product categories. Let’s take a look at each one in turn.

    If you want to review all entry level wall safes or all heavy duty wall safes, click on the apporpriate article link.

    Gardall Wall Safes

    1. Regular Duty
    2. Heavy Duty
    3. Insulated

    Gardall Safe – Regular Duty Wall Safes

    American Security Products Co. has two wall safes that is fire proof. The WFS149 and the WES149 are essentially the same safe except the WES has an electronic lock, while the WFS has a combination lock.

    gardall ws1314 wall gun safe gardall ws1317 wall gun safe
    WS-1314-T-EK WS-1317-K

    There are four different regular duty models from Gardall Safe, but essentially your options really boil down to two different safes. Two models fit
    into a 4 inch deep wall and 2 fit into a 6 inch deep wall.

    The only difference between the two models in each size
    range is whether you want a key lock or an electronic lock and key. The “EK” model has the electronic and key lock, while the “K” model is the key only lock.

    Model Wall Depth Lock
    WS1314-K 4 inches Key
    WS1314-EK 4 inches Elec. and Key
    WS1317-K 5.5 inches Key
    WS1317-EK 5.5 inches Elec. and Key

    These safes HAVE NOT passed any UL fire or burglary certification. Prices range from approximately $279.95 to $349.95.

    Bottom Line: Overall, you can get a cheaper entry level wall safe. However, the Gardall Safe entry level option is better
    made and more substantial than most other entry level options. As such, your pricing is more in the middle between,
    the least expensive option and the higher end wall safes.


    Model Weight Dimensions
    WS1314 27 lbs. 13.75″ x 14.5″ x 4″
    WS1317 30 lbs. 13.75″ x 14.5″ x 5.5″
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