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    The term “gun cabinet” covers a lot of ground. For many, it is a standard metal cabinet from the likes of gun cabinetSentry, Stack-On, or Homak. Essentially, this would be your basic inexpensive utilitarian and functional gun storage at its best.

    For others, the term evokes something more nostalgic, like something out of the old west. I love those handsome wood gun cabinets that display your rifles prominently and with pride.

    Anyone remember those great display cabinets from Bonanza and the Big Valley? Classic!

    I am going to take a look at all of the above and more when it comes to gun cabinets. Also, at the page bottom, I offer some thoughts on do-it-yourself plans.

    Metal Gun Cabinets

    Arguably the most common type of cabinet is your standard metal box. They keep casual guests and kids out. No self respecting thief is going to be too bothered, nor is your standard house fire going to have much problem breaching these storage options.

    stack on gun cabinetSo, why bother buying one at all?

    Obviously, money is one reason. Some people simply do not have the money for an expensive full size gun safe. Another reason is that some people do not need the extra security. They only want a convenient and inexpensive way to store their firearms. Gun cabinets fit the bill, either way.

    There are many different companies that make these cabinets, but three stand out as the most popular (in alphabetical order).

    Homak Manufacturing: Homak cabinets are inexpensive offer approximately six different models ranging in capacity from 6-14 guns.

    Sentry Safe: Officially, Sentry does not make cabinets, only gun safes. However, many of their models are under $500 and, in my opinion, are better suited for the cabinet category. This is not a knock on Sentry. It simply acknowledges that if you view Sentry in the cabinet category, they are very good. If you compare them to full size gun safes from Fort Knox, and many others, they do not come close.

    Stack-On: Overall, Stack-On offers the best variety of choices. They have a comprehensive line of cabinets and low cost full size safes, similar in quality to Sentry.

    PLEASE NOTE: The key with all of these options is NOT to overpay. If you are looking at spending over $1,000 for some of these safes/cabinets, then you may want to take a step back and look at some of the better constructed full size safes, reviewed elsewhere on this site.

    Wood Gun Cabinet

    Now, we can discuss my favorite topic on this page. A century and a half ago, a rifle cabinet was common amish gun chestplace and a functional piece of furniture. Many people used rifles as an essential tool for food and security purposes.

    Today, in New England, I rarely see gun cabinets, which is too bad. Fortunately, I have many relatives in the South who have wonderful display cabinets, and it is always fun to go visit.

    Like everything else, you get what you pay for with these products. If it doesn’t say solid wood or 100% wood, it isn’t. It’s particle board.

    A good wood cabinet can run well over $3,000. However, there are some good less expensive options.

    To get an overview of wood firearm cabinets, follow the link.

    Cabinet Plans

    Handy? Don’t have $3,000-$7,000 (or more!) to buy a completed wood cabinet? Well, the next best thing is building your own.

    There are a lot of plans floating around out there.  This one is highly rated and includes full plans and instructions on how to make your own wood gun cabinet or hidden gun storage unit.

    Corner Cabinets

    Interestingly enough, as I was researching related topics, I found that a lot of people are looking homak corner gun cabinetspecifically for corner cabinets.

    Personally, I never thought of this type of cabinet, but I was curious to find out what was available.

    I check out both wood and metal corner cabinets after the jump.

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