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September 19, 2013

Browning Sporter Gun Safe Review

Sporter SP23 The Browning Sporter gun safe Series is a new line of gun safes for the company in 2012. The Sporter Series is being billed as the entry level option, although the Theftgard series is still available in some retail outlets. This review takes a closer look specifically at the Sporter SP23, however the characteristics

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Liberty Revere Gun Safe Review

Revere R30 The Liberty Revere Series was introduced in 2012. It is Liberty’s entry level series, although they still have some Centurion models (which are not as good) available. Reviewing entry level gun safes is always difficult. On the one hand, I understand that price is the primary driving force. On the other hand, most

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Discount Gun Safes

Where are the best Discount Gun Safes for sale? Well, the answer depends on what you want to buy and what level of service you need. There are many choices, but I found that the following two online retailers are the best for service, trustworthiness and prices. is clearly well known and trusted. I find handgun

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September 9, 2013

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