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    Gun Vault Handgun Safes

    Gun Vault is arguably the most recognized names in quick access handgun safes and security. There products gun vault mini deluxe handgun saferange from completely portable containers that you can fit into your briefcase or purse, to larger security containers that bolt to a wall.

    In 2010, the company received the product of the year award from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence.



    Locking Mechanisms

    Gunvault is known for its biometric locking system. A biometric lock is a device that reads fingerprints to open a safe. If you have never seen this type of lock in action, it is pretty awesome. The device quickly reads your fingerprints and the door pops open to allow quick and easy access to your handgun when you need it most.

    Personally, I do not think the technology has evolved where this type of lock is appropriate for full size gun safes, however, for smaller handgun safes I do enjoy the convenience.

    If biometric locks are not your thing, Gun Vault also offers a full array of combination and keyed entry products that can do the trick.

    Gun Vault Company History

    Gun Vault has been in business for over twenty years and the company was recently bought by Cannon Safes.


    Here are links to the best pricing on the Gunvalt product line. Make sure you factor in shipping costs. Amazon typically does not include shipping. By comparison, Gunsafes.com has free shipping on orders over $50.


    Product Lines

    Some of the nomenclature for these handgun safes can be confusing. There are a lot of “Mini” and “Multi” names, as well as “deluxe” and “standard”, etc. Sometimes these distinction works, other times I think a different naming system could have been easier.

    Nonetheless, let’s take a look at how this different categories of handgun safes from GunVault stack up!


    1. Micro Vault
    2. Mini Vault
    3. Multi Vault
    4. Nano Vault
    gunvault micro handgun safe

    Micro Vault Series

    The Micro Vault series is the premier small portable offering from GunVault. Each Gun Vault handgun safe can carry one handgun and a spare magazine. It can easily fit in a backpack, briefcase or decent sized purse.

    This handgun safe is great for transporting your weapon to and from the range, on an airplane (confirm with current TSA rules), in your vehicle, or even just around town.

    There are two different models:

    1. MicroVault MV500STD: This model uses GunVault’s “no eyes” keypad technology. The keypad looks similar to the biometric lock, but uses a special keypad lock. The suggested retail price is $139.95.
    2. MicroVault Biometric MVB-500: This model is the same shell, but utilizes a biometric lock, rather than a keypad. The suggested retail price is $215.95.

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