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    Modular Gun Safe

    The Do-It-Yourself Option

    Modular Gun Safe? Before starting this site, I had never heard of this type of gun safe before. During my initial research of various types of safes, I didn’t even give this type of option a second thought.

    However, several visitors to this site started asking me questions about modular or closet gun safes and I started to realize that there is a definite niche market to this product that I had originally over looked.

    No, it is not as strong as a regular gun safe. In fact, when you compare feature for feature, a modular Modular Gun Safegun safe loses out to most decent gun safes every time. So, why buy one?

    First, the cost is a little less expensive, just under $900. But cost is not the key factor. Many people want to be able to purchase and set up the safe in, almost, complete anonymity.

    Most people have neighbors. When a big semi tractor trailer truck rolls up to the house and delivers a 1,000 pound gun safe, someone’s going to notice. You have to hire someone or arrange to have a friend (or three) help you wrangle it into the proper space.

    Even if you buy a big safe from a dealer and they deliver it, the neighbors may notice. More importantly, the delivery guys certainly will definitely know where you keep it.

    Now, sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith. Living a prepared and secure life does not mean you have to live an utterly paranoid life. However, if you have a lower budget (under $1,000) and want complete secrecy, then a modular safe is a viable option.

    The other key advantage to a modular safe is that it can be moved easily. If you live in an apartment or move frequently, then this type of safe is great. No special moving fee, etc.

    Modular Gun Safe Options

    Effectively, there is only one modular safe option: The Snap Safe Titan Closet Vault. Stack-On makes a modular gun cabinet, but it has no safe features.


    Snap Safe Titan Closet Vault

    The safe dimensions are: 59″ x 22″ x 17″ (hxwxd). It has a stated capacity of 12 long guns. However, this Modular Gun Safemaximum capacity will only work if you do not use the shelving. Count on about 5-6 long guns if you want to use the shelving.



    1. The safe can be assembled in minutes without tools. It has 11 gauge steel sides (about average for this price point) and a 7 gauge steel door (again, above average for this price point). It has a UL listed electronic lock and a 1 hour fire rating (in-house rating, not verified).


    1. The Titan is not UL rated as a residential security container. It also only has locking bolts on one side.

    Bottom Line:

    Look, this is not a full size, $5,000 gun safe. However, if you want ease of mobility and anonymity in set up, it will work well. It should keep kids and curious casual house guests (friends, relatives, cleaning people, etc.) out. It also seems to offer decent fire protection, but no third party tests confirm it.

    Best Pricing

    Here are the two best pricing options I have found. Click on the price to learn more.


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