Remington Gun Safe

Sportsman 30 Gun Safe Review

Remington Gun Safe makes the Sportsman 30. The Sportsman Series is the entry level option for the Remington Sportsman gun safecompany and has 4 different models. The Sportsman 30 is the largest in the series and has a stated capacity of 30 long guns, plus additional storage.

Remington Safes are actually made by Liberty Safe. For the most part, the two different name brands are the same, with only the name of the gun safe series changing. In the case of Remington, its entry level series is the Sportsman, while Liberty’s is the Centurion.

However, while the upper level series’ of the two name brands are substantially the same, the entry level series is not. I will point out some of these differences below, but regardless, make sure you read my review of the Centurion Series and study the product literature.

As with all entry level gun safe options, choosing the right one is not an easy decision. They all have some decent attributes; correspondingly, they all have some major deficiencies. Let’s pull back the veil to see where these lay for the Sportsman 30.

Key Advantages

  1. UL RSC Listed: Achieving the UL RSC rating is a good first step to showing that the safe is worth the money. At least you know that most thieves will have to work at least a little bit to get the safe open.
  2. UL Rated Lock: The safe comes with a UL Group II rated combination lock. This is as good a lock as most residential gun safes come with at any price.
  3. Internal Hinges: As touched upon in the next section, having internal hinges is probably a must for this safe, considering it only has locking bolts on one side.
  4. Fire Rating: The fire rating is for 30 minutes at 1,200° F. Remington/Liberty do their fire ratings in-house, so it is a bit of a leap regarding these ratings. However, for the time being, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

Key Disadvantages

  1. Steel: It is an entry level safe. I only know of one entry level option that offers a better grade steel. Thus, Remington is par for the course on this one. Nonetheless, you still need to think about what it would cost you to step up to thicker steel given your budget.
  2. Locking Bolts: The Sportsman has locking bolts on only one door sides. This is the major different between the Liberty Centurion and its sister safe. The Liberty Centurion Deluxe has locking bolts on two sides. True, this safe has an RSC rating, but having locking bolts on only one side is pretty bad.
  3. Inconsistencies: This is a bit of a pet peeve more than a criticism of the Sportsman 30. Remington does a horrible job of proof reading its product literature. Its website detail of the safe is completely different on many accounts from its product catalogue. Honestly, if this is your product, how can you not hire someone for an hour to proof read your product literature to make sure your message is consistent? It makes me think what else (negatively) am I missing about this company or product?

Fit and Finish

You get one color and finish: Textured Black. Same goes for the interior: Gray. Storage choices? You get a standard interior storage system that can be customizable.

Bottom Line

There are other models made by Remington Gun Safe that are excellent and well worth the money. The Sportsman 30 is not one of them. If you had been seriously considering this safe, you should buy the Liberty Centurion Deluxe 30 instead. It has better security features and only cost $50 more (approximately $1,149 versus $1,199).

Remington Gun Safe – Sportsman 30 – By the Numbers

Security Features: Remington Gun Safe – Sportsman 30
UL Security Rating RSC
Steel Thickness 12 Gauge
Inside Bolt Holes Yes
Door Hinges Interior
Locking Bolts – No. 5
Locking Bolts – Sides 1
Locking Bolts – Size 1″
Re-Lockers Yes
Lock Rating Group II
Lock Type Combination
Lock Manufacturer S&G
Lock Protection YEs
Clutch Mechanism Yes
Fire Protection:
Fire Rating Agency In-House
Fire Rating 30 min. at 1,200° F
Door Seal Palusol
Insulation Type Fiberboard
Other Considerations:
Interior Lighting Kit
Water Resistant No
Dehumidifier Kit
Basic Features:
Exterior Measurement 60.5″ x 36″ x 25″
Weight (lbs.) 545
Capacity 30