Remington Premier 50 Gun Safe

he Remington Premier 50 gun safe is an embarrassment of riches. It really is. For just over $4,500 you get an remington premier 50extremely well built safe with a whole slew of feature that should protect your gun collection very well.

Just as a refresher, Liberty Safe makes the entire Remington gun safe line. The Premier Series from Remington corresponds with the Presidential Series from Liberty.

Anyway, this safe has most of what you are looking for in a premium safe.

Warranty: The warranty is excellent. If your safe is damaged due to fire or theft, they will repair or replace it free of charge, including shipping.

Before I get into the Advantages and Disadvantages, please take a look at my Gun Safe Buying Guide.This guide explains how I evaluate safes and explains much of the terminology behind what makes a gun safe good or bad.

Key Advantages

There are a lot of advantages to this safe, so hang with me.

  1. Steel Gauge: This safe has 7 gauge steel. Typically, the best you can get in a residential gun safe is 8 gauge. FYI – The lower the gauge the thicker the steel is. This is very impressive steel thickness.
  2. Lock Plate: The Premier 50 has a ball bearing lock plate that thwarts drill attacks by snapping the blade.
  3. Locking Bolts: There are 26 locking bolts (1.5″ thick) surrounding all four door sides. This is a very strong array security.
  4. Fire Rating: If you happen to have a fire that lasts over 150 minutes before the fire department gets there to put it out, you may be in trouble. However, if the fire lasts less than 150 minutes, you should be all right with this safe.
  5. Interior Lighting: A relatively small advantage, but it is still nice to have the lighting included for the price.
  6. Tall: This safe is 72 inches tall. This is typically as tall as you can get. Thus, your current and FUTURE long gun storage should be assured.
  7. Weight: 1,570 pounds. Wow. I would still bolt this safe to the floor, but 1,500 pounds is a lot of weight.
  8. Price: The retail pricing on the Remington Premier 50 is approximately $4,500. When compared to other premium offerings, this is a very good value.

Key Disadvantages

  1. Capacity: The Premier 50 holds up to 39 long guns. This is a decent capacity, but not a category killer. Other big premium safes can often hold more. Notwithstanding, those gun safes will cost a little more for similar features. Thus, for this category, you need to balance your current and future anticipated storage needs with your budget.
  2. Dehumidifier: You need to buy a dehumidifier with this model. This is not unusual, but it would be nice to have it included.

Fit and Finish

You have three different hardware color options (brass, chrome, black chrome) and each of these has several different standard color schemes., roughly 8 different color schemes in total.

Its interior configuration can be configured 4different ways offering some flexibility in set up. The model also comes with a door storage option for handguns.

Bottom Line

As you can tell, I like the Remington Premier 50. I think it offers very good value for the money. If the storage capacity fits your needs it is a very good option.

Remington Premier 50 – By the Numbers

Security Features: Remington Premier 50
UL Security Rating RSC
Steel Thickness 7 Gauge
Inside Bolt Holes Yes
Door Hinges Interior
Locking Bolts – No. 26
Locking Bolts – Sides 4
Locking Bolts – Size 1.5″
Re-Lockers Yes
Lock Rating UL Group II
Lock Type Combination
Lock Manufacturer S&G
Lock Protection Yes – ball bearing plate
Clutch Mechanism Yes
Fire Protection:
Fire Rating Agency In-House
Fire Rating 150 min. at 1,200° F
Door Seal Palusol
Insulation Type Fiberboard
Other Considerations:
Interior Lighting Yes
Water Resistant No
Dehumidifier Kit
Basic Features:
Exterior Measurement 72.5″ x 42″ x 30.5″
Weight (lbs.) 1,570 lbs.
Capacity 39