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    Guns, Gun Safes, The Outdoors and Much, Much, More!!

    Here are some of my favorite resources. Please let me know what others I should add!


    National Rifle Association
    For decades the NRA has supported the Second Ammendment and provided numerous educational opportunities to be a more informed and skilled gun owner.

    Hunting Society
    Over 4,000 pages of hunting information, guns, Archery, bows, arrows, deer and elk bowhunting, Archery history, Archery battles, archery hunting, goose hunting, pheasant hunting, Turkey, boar and other wild game hunting.


    Emergency Survival Skills
    Back to basics survival and prepping skills with no-nonsense Amish know-how.

    Wilderness Learning Center
    I attended this wilderness survival school and loved it. If you spend anytime in the outdoors, please consider attending this school, your life may depend on it! Marty, Aggie, Kevin and the rest of the guys make this a must do course.

    Home Security

    Door Security
    Upgrade your doors with anti-kick door security by reinforcing door frame with 48″ of steel. A necessary partner for any home security system. Typically installs in 30 minutes.

    Gun Maintenance

    SENTRY SOLUTIONS – Oil Free Gun and Gear Care
    Great resource for taking care of your guns and other shooting gear.

    Shooter’s Choice
    Shooter’s Choice Gun Care Products – 100% Guarantee Shooter’s Choice guarantees our gun cleaning and care products to outperform the competition or your money back.

    Military and Tactical

    Ghillie Suits
    Amazing site on everything to do with Ghillie Suits, including kids ghillie suits, sniper ghillie suits, Camouflage shirts, Ghillie blanket, etc., etc. If you ever wanted a ghillie suit, this site is a must see!

    Sniper Central, LLC
    Great resource for all things “sniper” – Informsation, forums, equipment, and much more! Phone: 406-207-6123 Fax: 815-301-8336

    Tactical Accessories
    Veriforce Tactical carries high quality tactical gun accessories for AK47 and AR15 rifles. Find tactical flashlights, mounts, lasers, scope rings and more.

    eMilitary Manuals-Military Manual Collections
    eMilitary Manuals has military manual collections, military publications, technical manuals, field manuals, gun and weapon manuals, survival books, war and world history books on CD’s, downloads, and DVD’s.

    Hunting Vacations

    Shooting Enterprise Ltd
    Shooting Enterprise Ltd. specializes in arranging prime trophy hunting trips in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. From driven shooting pheasant, duck or wild boar to deer and muflon stalking or hunting wild boar, wolf, fox or bear here is a country in Europe that welcomes the hunter.

    Web Resources

    A huge directory of Internet resources.

    A Big Dir
    Another Huge internet directory

    KK-CLUB Web Directory
    Very large internet directory source.

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