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    Best Wood Gun Cabinet

    Oak, Cherry and More!

    Buying a wood gun cabinet isn’t what it used to be. There are less than a half dozen manufacturers building Amish Woodworking wood gun cabinetcabinets in decent numbers. Moreover, not all of these companies produce more than a handful of models, or the quality may be poor. BUT, if you look closely, there are a few companies that really make some special gun cabinets.

    What Makes a Good Wood Gun Cabinet?

    Not all wood cabinets are created equal. The following list is common sense, but let’s layout a few purchasing parameters, just the same.

    1. Size: Like a full size gun safe, check the dimensions both for the space the cabinet will go and for the size of your
      guns. A decent gun cabinet weighs far less than a safe, but you really do not want to pay to ship either of these bad boys back.
    2. Wood: Explain to me the point of buying a cheap particle board veneer cabinet? Obviously, solid wood is what you want. BUT, be
      careful, as highlighted below, one manufacturer states the cabinet is “solid” wood in the title, but list some construction as
      being veneers. Maybe particle board is the “new” solid wood in today’s day and age? Not for me it isn’t. Read the
      product description BEFORE you buy. Seems simply, but you would be surprised how many people make this mistake.
    3. Fit and Finish: The little things go a long way with a wood gun cabinet. Let’s look at a partial list: door pulls,
      lock, interior rack system, hinges, glass type, furniture stype, etc. With the better cabinets, don’t scrimp on the details.
    4. Price: As you will see below, prices can be under a $1,000 to well over $5,000. Why the difference? It may be
      the size of the unit as well as the overall quality of the construction. For example, you are not going
      to beat Amish Woodworkers for quality construction, but they are very pricey.

    However, there are some fine lesser expensive gun cabinets that are still very good. They tend to be smaller and use lesser expensive wood like Pine or Cedar.

    Wood Gun Cabinet Manufacturers

    I have included a couple of pictures for each company so you can get a flavor of the type of products each one makes.

    1. Amish Woodworking
    2. Fireside Lodge
    3. Rush Creek Log
    4. Scout Products

    Amish Woodworking

    recommended wood gun cabinets

    Amish Woodworking is located in Indiana. They make some of the finest custom built wood
    furniture in the country, gun cabinets included.

    Simply put, they are the best in the business. There may be other high end custom cabinetry
    companies that do it just as well, maybe even better. Who knows?

    However, Amish is the finest company that produces in volume.

    They produce at least 30 different standard models and can also produce any custom wood gun cabinet
    you desire. They don’t come cheap though. The least expensive models go for over $2,000. Only the
    finest woods are used, typically walnut, cherry or oak.

    If you have the money, Amish Woodworking would be my first choice.

    Amish Woodworking wood gun cabinet Amish Woodworking wood gun cabinet

    Other Options

    There are a couple other manufacturers, but the ones I found were not even worth buying. They were all particle board and veneer construction. As such, I really do not want to discuss them here.

    But if you’re a little bit handy you can get complete plans and great instructions on exactly how to how to make your own gun cabinet or even gun hidden storage unit here.

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