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    Reviewing Wall Security Options

    AMSEC Wall Safes, also known as American Security, seven different wall safe models. This diversity of models makes it one of the largest manufacturers of wall safes in the nation. Unlike Gardall’s product line, AMSEC’s models are all very different and come in all shapes, sizes and features.

    What I find curious about AMSEC’s product line is the disparity in pricing versus features for many models. Some models are hands down great wall safes and reasonably priced. Other models are very light on strength but relatively expensive. Sifting the wheat from the chaff was a bit challenging.

    First, I will note that I chose not to discuss or review any wall safe with a drop down door (hinges on the bottom). I simply do not like these types of safes, everything always seems to fall out when you open the door. Considering that AMSEC’s drop down door wall safes cost $400 or more, I just don’t think they are worth the price.

    So, I stuck with looking at their fire rated safes, a heavy duty model and one of two of their entry level options.

    If you want to review all entry level wall safes or all heavy duty wall safes, click on the apporpriate article link.

    AMSEC Wall Safes

    1. Entry Level
    2. Heavy Duty
    3. Fire Proof
    amsec ws1014 wall safe

    WS 1014

    This wall safe comes with a key or UL Group II combination lock. It is the smaller of the two entry level options from AMSEC and
    is rather a “plain Jane” model. No real extra steel or security options, simply a box in a wall with a decent lock.

    And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, with few exceptions, the pricing on this wall safe is
    over $350. There are far less expensive options than this one.

    Wall Depth: 4 inches
    Weight: 22 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): NA
    Exterior Dimensions: 12.25″ x 15.75″ x 4″


    amsec wes2114 wall safe


    This safe is much bigger than the WS1014 and less expensive. It comes standard with an electronic
    lock (keyed override), extra shelving and better locking mechanism. This, in my opinion, is a much better option.

    Wall Depth: 4 inches
    Weight: 30 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions(HWD): NA
    Exterior Dimensions: 22.125″ x 15.125″ x 4″
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