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    Browning Gun Safes are some of the better known safes in the industry. The company produces at least 8 different safe series, so there is something for everyone. Browning Safes are often referred to as Browning / Prosteel Safes.

    Since 1982, Browning has been the exclusive distributor of Prosteel Safes. Prosteel has been manufacturering safes, security doors, and vaults since 1947. Prosteel is headquartered in Provo, Utah.


    2012 Update:

    Browning gun safes made a number of changes to its product line in 2012. Browning divides its safes into the following general categories:

    1. Premium Series (Premium Plus, Gold, Medallion, Silver)
    2. Value Series (Bronze, Sporter*, Theftgard)
    3. Tactical Series (Mark II, Mark III*)(Not Reviewed)
    4. Pro Series* (Pinnacle, Prestige, Deluxe, Classic)

    * Denotes new safe offering for 2012

    Premier Series Changes:

    There are not many changes to the Browning Gun Safes Premium Series from last year. They improved the Uni-force Cam device (keeps the locking bolts in place if tampered with).
    A built in jewelery box is included in some models, or as an option in others. They also added two new storage features:

    1. Axis Shelving: Most good gun safes allow you to customize your safe interior by moving shelves up and down. The Axis
      Shelving also allows you to move several half width shelves from side to side.
    2. Scope Saver: Browning is known for its DPX door storage system (see more below). Now, 2012 premier models
      have indentations built into the door frame that allows the scopes to be recessed into the frame. This recessing option, allows you to
      store scoped rifles on the door much easier.

    These options seem to be standard in all Premier Series models, but some information says it is an option. Check around for pricing. Also,
    make sure you get a 2012 model, if you want these features. Otherwise, make sure you get a discount if you are buying last year’s models.

    Value Series Changes:

    The Sporter models are new offerings in 2012. I am not sure why the sporter was introduced when they had the Theftgard and Bronze models. However,
    I review the Sporter line below. The Theftgard Series was also streamlined a bit with one of the models being dropped. Otherwise, no major changes to the value offerings.


    1. Tactical Series: The Mark II stayed the same, but the Mark III was introduced. I am not a huge fan of the tactical series. I really do not
      understand the rational for the Mark III (or Mark II for that matter). Browning offers similar quality models already in its Value Series.
    2. Pro Series: This is an entire new line for Browning gun safes. The series offers very high quality safes and much
      lower quality safes. Effectively, it is like they merged the Value Series and Premium Series into this new series. I have not seen these
      readily available soI am thinking they are going to be offering them at select big box stores. When I know more I will update the site.

    Overall, MSRP went up on almost all safes. That’s it for updates on Browning Gun Safes. I updated individual reviews below to reflect these changes.

    Company Overview

    nterestingly enough, Browning is much better known for its innovative design and development of various firearms.

    Browning is credited with inventing the semi-automatic shotgun, the over-and-under shotgun and the semi-automatic rifle. Despite these successes, the most famous Browning invention is the 9mm semi automatic pistol; over 10 million have been sold.

    Today, Browning is owned by the Herstal Group in Belgium. The Herstal Group also owns Winchester and FN Herstal. All of these companies (Browning, Winchester and FN Herstal) have been collaborators since the early 1900’s. The Browning Gun Safe division is headquartered in Morgan, Utah.

    Why go into this kind of detail? I believe it is helpful to know who makes the safes and a little of the history behind the company.


    Browning’s warranty is decent, but not as good as some others. It will repair or replace the safe it is damaged in a fire or break-in. It is for the original owner only (non-transferrable) and requires a valid police report. Please read the warranty for all details.

    Storage Options

    A quick note on Gun Capacity: Browning uses a door storage system called the DPX Storage System. DPX means Duo-Plus Extra.
    Essentially, this allows for extra long gun storage on the interior safe door. This means that the gun capacity for
    most Browning safes can be boosted, by about 7-10 guns. Some of the larger safes can store up to 13 guns on the door,
    while some of the smaller safes store approximately 5-7 long guns.

    Browning gun safes defines the advantages of the DPX System as follows:

    1. Long gun storage on the door back
    2. A system of pouches and pockets to store small valuables on the door back
    3. Two handgun loops to store handguns on the door back
    4. The convertible Duo Interior system inside the safe with both shelves and long gun capacity.

    As note above, 2012 changes added recesses for scopes in the door (Scope Saver) and better customization options of interior shelving (Axis Shelving).

    Premium Offerings

    1. Platinum Plus
    2. Gold
    3. Medallion
    4. Silver
    Browning Platinum Plus gun safe

    Platinum Plus Series

    The Platinum Plus Series is Browning Gun Safes premier gun safe. Suggested retail pricing starts at $5,799 up to $7,899, not including additional options.

    There are 4 different Platinum Plus models ranging in gun capacity 33 to 66.

    Key Features:

    1. 120 min. at 1200 F
    2. UL Group II Combination Lock Standard
    3. UL RSC Rated
    4. Tall Capacity (except PP39F)
    5. 5/16 inch steel (huge amount)


    1. Platinum Plus PP39F (22-33 + 10 DPX Capacity)
    2. Platinum Plus PP47F (22-33 + 10 DPX Capacity Tall)
    3. Platinum Plus PP56F (21-45 + 10 DPX Capacity Tall)
    4. Platinum Plus PP65F (21-53 + 13 DPX Capacity Tall)


    Value Options

    Browning Bronze gun safe

    Bronze Series

    The Bronze series is the better of two different value oriented gun safe series from Browning. Compared with the
    Theftgard series, it has a better fire rating (45 minutes versus 30 minutes), Full DPX storage system, and better pry resistance.

    There are 4 different models with capacity from 7 to 42. Suggested Retail Pricing is $1,449 to $2,799.

    Key Features:

    1. UL RSC Rating
    2. UL Group II Lock
    3. 45 minute Fire Rating


    1. Bronze BR 16F (7-14 + 5 DPX Capacity)
    2. Bronze BR 24F (9-18 + 7 DPX Capacity)
    3. Bronze BR 34F (20-30 + 10 DPX Capacity)
    4. Bronze BR 41F (20-42 + 10 DPX Capacity)


    Pro Series

    1. Classic
    2. Deluxe
    3. Prestige
    4. Pinacle

    Classic Series

    This is an entry level line of safes. It has 12 gauge steel and a decent fire rating of 45 minutes.

    1. Classic 24 (12-24 Capacity)
    2. Classic 35 (26-39 Capacity)

    Hopefully, you enjoyed my reviews on Browning Gun Safes. If you own or purchase a Browning safes, please let me know how you like it.

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