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    Gun Safe Accessories

    Best Dehumidifiers, Lighting and Racks

    Gun Safe Accessories? You spent so much time looking for the perfect gun safe, you almost forgot about the accessories. Of course, which add-ons you need will depend upon your own personal situation. Nonetheless, there are some common themes.

    Unless, you live in a desert, you will probably want to get a dehumidifierLighting is also a possibility. I will take a look at some of the major categories and layout some options.

    Make sure you check out what the manufacturer recommends. Some have a ton of gun safe accessories, while others have none. It really depends.

    Gun Safe Dehumidifier

    Arguably this is the “top accessory” you will want to get. There are several options including electric,desiccant and other technologies.

    Because this is such a big accessory, I have decided to dedicate an entire article to Gun Safe Dehumidifier options.

    Gun Safe Lighting

    Exterior Safe Lighting

    Next to a good dehumidifier, the top gun safe accessory is a good light. Interestingly, there are not a lot of good choices for the interior and only one good one for the exterior.

    1. Cannon Safe SSL-03-Electronic Lock Security Safe Light

    This light is magnetic and sticks to the outside of your safe. You can mount it over your lock. Simplycannon ssl-03 gun safe light press, the button and a red light illuminates your gun safe lock. Thered light will not harm your night vision, nor will it announce you to a home invader or burglar.

    You can also pull it off the door and use it to aid in finding the right weapon insde the safe. Great value for about $15.

    Interior Safe Lighting

    For the interior, you have a couple of choices.Mr Beams gun safe light

    First, Mr. Mr. Beam’s Battery Powered Motion Sensor Lights is great if you are not concerned about the light going on automatically whenever you open the safe.

    These lights are bright and cheap, only about $29.99.

    Simply affix them to the inside of your safe and you are all set. Also, you do not need an outlet in the safe, thus, no need to drill a hole in the safe to run a cord.

    flourescent gun safe lightSecond, if you want to turn the light off and on, try a battery operated fluorescent light. This one is 6 inches long and only about $9, GE 51000 Fluorescent 6-Inch Battery Operated Light If you have a an electrical outlet, here is a 12 inch one for only about $12,Good Earth Lighting 12-1/2-Inch Fluorescent Light .

    Gun Racks

    Most gun safes have racks and shelving that can be adjusted to fit most peoples needs. Thus, you really do not see a lock of gun rack accessories.

    Hand gun racks are far more common and the options are extensive. Take a look at this page for a list ofhandgun rack accessories.


    Door Racks

    Again, many safes have a door rack already included in the price. However, there are options that give you plenty of extra storage. I would recommend waiting until you have your safe before purchasing this option, unless you buy the door rack from the same manufacturer.

    This way you can measure the space you need before purchasing the rack. Measure twice, cut once. Here are some great door rack options.


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