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    The Best Wall Safes For Gun Owners

    There are dozens of wall safes for you to choose. So, picking the right one should be easy, right? After secure vault 20710 wall safeall, how complicated can it be? Buy any old safe, cut a hole in the wall, bolt the safe to the studs and cover it all up with a picture. Done!

    The only question I have is:

    Why do some wall safes cost $100, while others cost
    $400, while still others cost $700 or more?

    The answer to that question is why I am writing this page. Most of the answer is very basic. However some is more complex. For example, do you want the safe to be fire proofWaterproof?

    Do you want a biometriccombinationelectronic or keyed lock? How about a rifle wall safe versus ahandgun safe? Which are the best ones and why?

    Last but not least, what kind of theft protection do you want? Some of the wall safes out there can be opened with a can opener! Maybe, you would like a little extra theft protection without breaking the bank.

    How to Choose a Wall Gun Safe:

    If you want to see some of the considerations for choosing a wall safe, I have outlined my TOP 5 Criteria at the end of this article.
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    What Type Are You Looking For?

    1. Standard: These are your “run of the mill” options. They give you decent locking potential that is perfect to keep kids
      out and the casual house guest (e.g., the house keeper and that shifty Uncle or cousin). These safes are
      typically $100-$250 and are simply a locked thin steeled box. Wall Gun Safe Reviews UNDER $250.
    2. Heavy Duty: These safes have thicker steel and offer more of a challenge to would be thieves. The locking mechanism
      tends to be a little better, giving you a little more confidence in storing your hand gun or valuables. You can usually get a
      very good one for approximately $300-$500. Reviews of Wall Gun Safes OVER $250.
    3. Fire Proof: Believe it or not, you have some very good fire proof safe choices. Usually these safes are rated
      for about an hour of fire protection and can be purchased for about $250-$400.
      Reviews of Fire Proof Safes.
    4. Rifle or Shotgun: A lot of people like to have a rifle or shotgun readily accessible in various parts of their
      home. The trouble is concealing the safe and safety, especially if you have kids. There are three good choices. Two
      cost approximately $100, while a better quality option will run you a little over $500.
      Rifle Safe Reviews.
    5. Biometric Lock: The vast majority of safes have a combination, electronic, keyed, or push button combination
      lock. Only one has a biometric lock and it is awesome looking! It will run you a little over $400, but
      it is a very cool safe. Take a look at these two
      Secure Logic options.

    Wall Gun Safe Manufacturers

    All of the wall safes I feature here can be found by clicking on one of the links in the previous section. Most companies make one or two wall safes, at the most, so it is not appropriate to have a separate review or page for each one. Thus, I covered them above by type.

    However, I did want to highlight several manufacturers because they have a much greater product line or have a product(s) that are truly unique and worth mentioning in a separate article.

    Gardall Safe and Amsec Wall Safes have the most extensive line of wall safes in the industry so I wanted to give a more thorough overview of their product line. Also, Secure Logic Safes has the most unique wall safes in the industry. They are not the least expensive option, but they are worth checking out, even if you know you want just an entry level safe.

    Criteria for Choosing a Wall Gun Safe

    Most of the following criteria are pretty basic, but worth noting.

    1. Type: As touched upon above, you should decide what type of safe you want and then see how any given safe in that category matches up to the other criteria that are important to you. For most of you, the bigger decision for this criterion is going to be the quality of the safe. Do you spend $100 or pump up and get a much better quality wall safe for $300-$400.
    2. Depth: While seemingly self evident, this is arguably one of the most important criteria for choosing a safe. It is also the biggest problem people face during installation.First, you need to know how deep the wall space is so that you do not buy the wrong safe. Believe me, there is nothing worse than having the safe stick out of the wall. It looks awful, is almost impossible to properly attach to the studs and no picture is ever going to cover it right.

      In newer houses, this is less of an issue, as the walls tend to be more uniform in shape and size. However, in older homes, no wall ever seems to be “typical.” Also, if your house has 2×6 construction, you are lucky enough to be able to get a deeper safe to store more items.

      Second, make sure you pay attention to the external and internal depth of the safe. The external depth is to figure out if the safe will fit in the wall. The internal depth is to make sure you can fit what you want into the safe.

    3. Width and Height: I cover these two together because they both share the same interests. Mostly this criterion has to do with what you want to store in the safe. There are very small wall safes, but you can also get bigger models. Take some time to think about how you want to use the safe.One separate note on width: Try and determine the width of the studs for the location you want to install the safe. Newer houses should be a standard width, but older homes can vary greatly, sometimes in the same wall.
    4. Lock Type: For many of you, you could care less what lock type is on the safe. However, you have so many different choices; it pays to think about what you would prefer. Also, study the lock itself to determine if you will be happy with the quality. A lock on a $100 safe is typically not going to be as good as a lock on a $400 safe. If you want to have quick access to the contents, then this could be important.
    5. Price: Again, pricing will depend on what level of safe you are looking for. It is easy to get a $100 wall safe, but if you are going to all the effort of installing it, etc., maybe it pays to get a little better quality one in the $300-$400 range (or above). Only you can decide this one.
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