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    Fire Proof Wall Safes

    Fire proof wall safes seem like the best of many worlds. You can do all of the following: secure your handgun(s) and other valuables, conceal the safe in a readily accessible area, and protect your valuables from fire (a far more common calamity than theft).

    The construction and locking mechanisms on these safes are VASTLY superior to most normal wall safes. However, deciding to purchase one is not so simple.

    First, there are very few inexpensively priced fire proof wall safes. You can expect to pay between fire proof wall safe$300 and $600.

    Second, installing them requires a very unique space. They are far deeper than normal wall safes and will not fit in your standard 4 inch deep wall space.


    However, despite these drawbacks, if you have the right space for them they offer an excellent option for storing handguns and other valuables.

    To install these safes, you will need extra thick walls or a dead space in the wall that can accommodate the extra depth (e.g., closet, bulkhead, etc.).

    There are two main manufacturers of residential fire proof wall safes: Amsec (2 UL rated fire proof models) and Gardall (2 UL rated fire proof models).

    A Note about Fire Rating:

    UL class 350 label

    All of the fire proof safes on this page have the Underwriter’s Laboratory Class 350 1 Hour fire rating. This
    rating is amazing given how some full size “fire proof” gun safes don’t even come close to this caliber of rating,
    for significantly more money.

    The wall safe must maintain an internal temperature of 350° F for one hour while being the outside temperature is 1,700° F.
    As you may recall, paper chars at 450° F, so this is why they set the standard lower at 350° F. Needless to say, UL is the
    most respected third party rating service in the country.

    Fireproof Wall Safes

    1. Amsec
    2. Gardall

    American Security Products Co. has two wall safes that is fire proof. The WFS149 and the WES149 are essentially the same safe except the WES has an electronic lock, while the WFS has a combination lock.

                        amsec wfs 149 fire proof wall gun safe                     amsec wes 149 fire proof wall gun safe
                          WFS149                       WES149



    1. Pros:  Great fire protection.  Assuming your house has the wall depth, there is great storage in the safe.  UL Group II rated combination lock.
    1. Cons:  Pricing is a little expensive at $590.  This safe is heavy, so installing it yourself would be difficult.

                          Wall Depth:                       16 inches
                          Weight:                       134 lbs.
                          Interior Dimensions (H x W x D):
                          Exterior Dimensions:                      19.5″ x 14 x” 15.3″



    1. Pros:  Same as listed for the WFS 149.  Also, the electronic lock on this model is very cool.  Multicolor display
      visually tells you if the lock is locked or open.  It has a keyed override option.  Lastly, there are two user
      codes and the lock keeps track of the last 14 entries.  This is very cool if you need/want to monitor your safe access.
    1. Cons:  Same as WFS149.

                          Wall Depth:                       16 inches
                          Weight:                       134 lbs.
                          Interior Dimensions (H x W x D):                       NA
                          Exterior Dimensions:                      19.5″ x 14″ x 15.3″
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