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    Pistol and Handgun Safes

    gunvault mini deluxe gun safe

    Pistol and Handgun Safes come in all sorts of varieties. There are dozens if not over a hundred different models to choose. Some are specifically designed and marketed to handgun owners.

    Other options include your standard cube shaped safe that can double as a home for your important papers and valuables, as well as, your pistol.

    I focus on the gun safes specifically designed for handgun security. Be on the lookout for my top ratings and recommendations.

    First, I take a look at pistol safes based on their lock type:
    Electronic, Biometric, Manual or Mechanical.

    Next, I look a little closer at a few of the MAJOR manufacturers in the industry, including: GunVault, ADG Sports, Sentry, Barska, and several others.

    How To Choose a Handgun Safe

    Check out my Handgun Safe Buying Guide, it goes into greater detail on the 9 Key Factos for choosing the right option for you.

    Handgun Safes By Lock Type

    The vast majority of people choose a handgun safe based on the type of lock, thus this is where I will start. The two MOST COMMON choices are an Electronic Key Pad or a Biometric Lock. Other options include a Mechanical Lock (PUSH Button Combination).

    The following three review pages include my TOP RATED recommendations. Other pistol safes are reviewed in the next section




    PLEASE NOTE: Besides the GunVault Nano, there are few key only pistol safe options. However, almost all of the safes have a key lock override. This comes in handy if you forget the combination, the batteries wear out or the safe simply malfunctions.

    Handgun Safes By Manufacturer

    There are well more than a dozen manufacturers making handgun or pistol boxes. I take a look at 5 major companies to determine what
    makes them popular (are they good or just cheap?) and which ones I like the best and why.

    HOWEVER, some of my highest rated safes are NOT from these manufacturers, so you need to read the reviews by Lock Type under the
    previous section above.





    PLEASE NOTE: There are other companies that produce only one or two good pistol safes, so there are not enough models to profile on a separate manufacturer’s review page. I cover these individual safes in other reviews, such as the electronic, biometric and mechanical lock review pages.

    Why You Need a Handgun Safe

    Most of the marketing of pistol safes is directed at having quick access in case of a break in. Obviously, this is a very valid and
    important use.

    However, do not overlook the need to have a storage option for travelling. Many gun owners need to transport weapons when they camp,
    RV, fish, hunt, etc.

    In fact, if you like to RV and/or visit National Parks, as of 2010, guns are now allowed, so long as you comply with the
    corresponding State law of the park’s location.

    For more information on visiting National Parks, See Yosemite California. This is the most comprehensive site about Yosemite National Park on the Internet. The site has everything you need to know about Yosemite, traveling, hiking, camping, rafting, bears, granite mountains and of course the beautiful waterfalls. You’ll also find something on all 58 US National Parks here.

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