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Medalist M31 Gun Safe Review

Champion Gun Safes makes the Medalist M31. Besides the lone Model T, the Medalist is the entry level Champion Medalist gun safeoffering from Champion. The Medalist series is also the best selling gun safe series from the company. You can buy the M31 for approximately $1,400-$1,500.

There are 5 different models in the Medalist series and the M31 is right in the middle, with two other safes being bigger and two smaller. The M31 has a stated capacity of 15-30 guns.

Champion revamped the Medalist series in 2011, adding another model and increasing the fire rating of the safe to a full 60 minutes at 1,350 F.

Champion Gun safes Key Advantages

  1. UL RSC Rating: The safe comes with a UL RSC rating. This means the M31 withstood a 5 minute onslaught from experienced safe testers wielding common burglary tools (pry bar, etc.).
  2. Locking Bolts: The Medalist M31 has 12 bolts spread around all 4 door sides. There is nothing extraordinary here, except the fact that many entry level options from other manufacturers only have bolts on three or even two sides.
  3. Fire Rating: The M31 has a 60 minute rating at 1,350° F. This is excellent for an entry level safe. The ratings are done in-house, which normally is a bit of a red flag. However, Champion Gun Safes does a good job explaining the testing procedure and providing a little more comfort with their process than other safe companies do.
  4. Lock Plate: Practically every safe has a lock plate in it to protect the lock from a drill or punch attack. The M31 uses a diamond imbedded tungsten steel plate. Needless to say, this is a better plate than you will normally see on an entry level safe.

Key Disadvantages

  1. Steel: What can I say? Twelve gauge steel is 12 gauge steel. This safe should take a beating, but an experienced thief will have an easier time with 12 gauge steel than something stronger. But, remember the flip side. A fire is almost 7 times more likely than a break-in. If you are more concerned about fire damage than a burglary, this safe has a good fire rating.
  2. Lock: The Medalist Series all have S&G locks. However, they are not UL rated locks.
  3. Height: The M31 is only 60 inches high (exterior dimension). Make sure this will be enough height for your longer guns.

Fit and Finish

For an entry level safe, you have a lot of choices for exterior color. There are three different glossy choices and textured finish choices.

Bottom Line

You can certainly find a lower cost entry level safe. $1,400 is not “dirt cheap” for an entry level option. However, besides the steel thickness, this safe has many features more commonly found on much more expensive safes. Plus, the fire rating is exceptional for an entry level option.

Champion Medalist M31 – By the Numbers

Security Features: Medalist M31
UL Security RatingRSC
Steel Thickness12 Gauge
Inside Bolt HolesYes
Door HingesInternal
Locking Bolts – No.12
Locking Bolts – Sides4
Locking Bolts – Size1″
Lock RatingNone
Lock TypeCombination
Lock Manufacturer S&G
Lock ProtectionYes – Diamond
Clutch MechanismYes
Fire Protection:
Fire Rating AgencyIn-House
Fire Rating60 min. at 1,350° F
Door SealLorient/Zero
Insulation TypeFiberboard
Other Considerations:
Interior LightingKit
Water ResistantNo
Basic Features:
Exterior Measurement60.5″ x 36″ x 23.5″
Weight (lbs.)700

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