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    pistol safe recommendationsThinking about a biometric handgun safe? Interestingly enough, many pistol owners love them, while others curse them. When scouring the various reviews of fingerprint pistol safes, I am struck by a huge divergence of opinion about any given safe. The same safe seems to be perfect and crap depending upon who bought it.

    After speaking with various safe manufacturers, here’s my opinion. Like anything, there are various classes of biometric locks. Even the more expensive biometric locks ($200-$300), which you see on full size gun safes, are not completely trusted by industry insiders for reliability. They are good, but still experience issues.

    On handgun safes, the lock is as little as $20-$40. Whether you have thought about it or not, intuitively you fingerprint handgun safeobviously know this is true given the price of the handgun safe itself. A $200 pistol safe, does not have a $300 biometric lock in it.

    I  like biometric safes. I think for the money, they offer some great features. However, you must understand that, just like an electronic lock, a biometric lock can fail. Maybe it’s the battery, maybe it’s the circuitry. Nonetheless, it can fail. You simply have to balance this risk with what you envision the safe being used for. You also need to try and pick the best biometric safe you can.

    Buying Guide:

    For a detailed look at how to choose a pistol safe, take a look at my handgun safe buying guide

    Here are my TOP Rated Choices

    1. Locksafe
    2. 9G Products
    3. GunVault
    locksaf handgun safe


    Hands down my best rated fingerprint pistol safe is the LockSAFE PBS-001. This safe is not widely available
    or even all that well known. However, it is arguably the highest rated biometric pistol safe on the market today.

    Steel: This safe has 9 Gauge steel. Are you kidding me? Most companies brag about 16 gauge steel, which
    is paper thin compared with 9 gauge steel. The vast majority of FULL size gun safes do not use steel this thick.

    Tamper Resistance: The old saying goes “proof is in the pudding”. In this case, the company actually let’s
    you see the California Department of Justice report detailing the tamper resistance of this model. It passes
    with flying colors. Click here to see the report.

    Biometric Lock: I have found no other biometric handgun safe that reports more customer satisfaction with
    the fingerprint lock than this safe. It is not even close. There is a key lock in case the unit does malfunction.

    Mounting: The safe is “top” opening, but can be mounted (pre-drilled holes) to any flat surface (drawer, wall, floor, etc.).

    The safe retails for approximately $350, but can be purchased for much less. This safe is one of my top choices.

    Lock Type Biometric
    Weight 22 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions na
    Exterior Dimensions 13.98″ x 10.24″ x 4.57″
    Attachment Bolt Holes
    Key Override Yes
    CA DOJ Yes

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