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    Clock Gun Safe Options

    If you are looking for a clock gun safe, you are not alone. Hiding or concealing a gun in a diversion clock is more common than I thought. Nonetheless, I doubt that most thieves would give any of the available clocks a second glance during the rush of a burglary.

    Because most of the clocks allow for easy access, you can get to it quickly if needed. Before we get to the clocks, I would strongly caution against using these safes if you have children (yours, or someone else’s) coming to your home. They offer no security other than blending in to the environment.

    Mantle Clock Safe

    Very attractive option. Looks great on a shelf, mantle, dresser or any other flat surface. The clock actuallymantle clock gun safe works, so all the better.

    The face drops down for easy access. A magnet secures the clock face, so there is no clasp or lock to fumble with under pressure. Only about $36.


    Wall Clock Gun Safe

    Maybe you want to mount the clock on the wall. With the mantle clock, it probably would not look good in wall clock gun safethe kitchen or other less formal space (e.g., workshop, hallway, etc.). The wall clock is a good choice and also an be mounted a little higher.

    This clock also works and the clock face swings open. Like the mantle option, it also has a magnetic closure, so no fumbling with a clasp. Reasonable price at approximately $40.


    Picture Gun Safe

    While this item is not a clock safe, you may want to consider it. Like the clock safes, the picture safe wall picture gun safeblends into your room nicely. It is much nicer than the other two items above and is actually a secure safe, so you could have it and have children in the house. It does open with a remote, so you will have to be careful where you place the remote.

    While it does have a lock it will not stop a determined thief, but this safe is a compromise between security and camouflage. The hope, like the clock safes, is that it would not be recognized for anything other than what it appears. If you do not like the photo included with the model, you can swap out another photo or painting.

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