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    Fort Knox Safes enjoy one of the best reputations in the gun safe industry. They offer an EXTENSIVE line of fortsafes, 7 different series and 30 different models. Their videos describing their safes are legendary. There is just something cool about a tank on top of a safe. You know, just in case the burglar tries to open your safe with a tank!

    If that wasn’t enough, Fort Knox has some of the most widely documented celebrity endorsements in the business. Here are just a few:

    1. Matt Hughes (MMA Fighter)
    2. General Schwartzkopf
    3. Brooks & Dunn (Country Singers)
    4. John Schneider (Remember the Dukes of Hazard)
    5. Bo Derek

    Well, thank goodness Bo Derek endorses the Fort Knox Gun Safe. All kidding aside, Fort Knox makes a great safe: Some of the best in the business.


    They have a strong warranty. They will repair or replace the safe due to a break in or fire damage. The warranty also covers flood damage. Be aware that you need to pay the freight to ship the old safe back and for the shipping on the new or reconditioned safe back to you.

    Key Advantages

    Fire Protection: Except for the Maverick Series, all of the safes have a 90 minute fire rating at 1,680 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, as of January 15, 2011, the doors will add an additional fire protective seal. There is still a Palusol seal, but they have added a second seal which works to keep out “cold” smoke.

    10 Gauge Steel Liner: Except for the Maverick Series, each safe can have an additional 10 gauge steel liner (optional or standard depending upon the Series). This liner makes it that much tougher to breach the safe.

    This second seal works to protect the safe contents by keeping out smoke that can creep in before the safe gets hot enough for the Palusol seal to expand.

    And you get the same super-tough construction in the Fort Knox line of pistol safes.


    One criticism I have with the safe is that the buying process is a bit old fashioned. With most gun safes, you can easily compare the cost and freight, etc. via the Internet. This allows you to get the best deal with relatively the least amount of hassle.

    With Fort Knox, I have not found the pricing to be posted anywhere. You have to contact a dealer to get pricing. If you want to comparison shop, you have to call another dealer, and another dealer, and another, etc. This is a very company, not customer, focused marketing strategy. [If you are a Fort Knox dealer or other person with knowledge, please drop me an email, if I missed something here].

    Fort Knox Safes

    Let’s take a look at the entire line of Fort Knox Safes starting with the entry level and moving up the food chain.

    Also, be aware that Fort Knox uses a number system to identify their safes. This can be a bit confusing because the numbers do not change from safe to safe.

    For example, each of the 7 different Series has a model 6637. The first two numbers refer to the height of the safe (66.5 inches) and the last two numbers refer to the safe width (37 inches).

    1. Maverick
    2. Defender
    3. Protector
    4. Guardian
    5. Executive
    6. Titan
    7. Legend

    fort know maverick gun safe

    Maverick Series

    The Maverick Series is Fort Knox Safes’ entry level gun safe. There are 3 different models the 6026, 6031 and 6637.

    My biggest issue with this safe series is that it only has locking bolts on 1 side, with sliding metal bars on the other sides. I would think this is a big red flag, even on an entry level safe.

    Key Features

    1. UL RSC Rated
    2. UL S&G Group II Lock
    3. Ball Bearing Lock Plate


    1. Maverick 6026 (8-16 gun capacity)
    2. Maverick 6031 (4-28 gun capacity)
    3. Maverick 6637 (8-44 gun capacity)
    4. Maverick 7241 (8-41 gun capacity)

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