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    Wow. Winchester Gun Safes. This company does so many things right, while continuing to make small mistakes Winchester gun safethat drive me crazy. When I first reviewed the gun safes several years ago, I was not positive. The website was crap, the safes were marginal and they had no customer service telephone number.

    In 2011, they made improvements to all these complaints, but still the safes could be improved.

    In 2012, the website look and feel is even better, but more importantly the gun safes have been massively improved. My only issue is that whoever proof reads the website is severely lacking. For example, the Legacy Model has been improved to 10 gauge steel, but the product description still lists the safe as having 11 gauge steel. “Come on Man!”

    There are 4 main gun safe series with 9 different models: Legacy, Silverado, Ranger and Big Daddy (new in 2012). Compared with other manufacturers, their offerings are rather modest. However, I kind of like it because it keeps things relatively simple and easy to follow. Simple can be very good.

    Suggested retail prices range from as low as $1,200 up to $4,700 (usually all models can be found at least $300-$500+ below retail pricing). Gun capacity ranges from 24 for the Ranger 19 (entry level option) upwards to 54 for the Legacy 53 and Big Daddy.

    Generally, I would describe these models as a good value for the money. They do not have all of the bells and whistles as other gun safes do, but they are not nearly as expensive.

    2012 Improvements

    Here are the main upgrades for Winchester in 2012:

    1. Interior Upgrades
    2. Reinforced Steel Door Jam
    3. Increased Steel Thickness
    4. Power/Internet Jacks Added (Legacy and Silverado)
    5. Recessed Door
    6. Upgraded Door Hinges

    Warranty and Company History

    Winchester Gun Safes is a 20 twenty year old company located in Fort Worth, Texas. Interestingly, Winchester Safe is owned by Granite Security Products. Granite licenses the Winchester name from Olin Corporation, which owns Winchester Repeating Arms, the gun company. They have the same logo, but they are separate companies.

    In 2011, Winchester made some significant improvements to its warranty. The new warranty more closely resembles warranties being offered from other manufacturers.

    If there is a fire or burglary attempt, they will repair or replace the safe. They will send a locksmith to your home to evaluate the safe and spend up to $300 to open the safe. I suppose this means that you are on the hook if it takes more than $300.

    Anyway, if the safe needs to be replaced, they will send you a similar current model for free, including shipping to curbside (continental U.S. only). You will also need to supply a police or fire report to prove the damage.

    One other interesting change is that you can transfer the warranty if you sell or give the safe to someone else. There is a fee and Winchester must approve the transfer in writing. Despite repeated attempts to contact Winchester, there is no word on the fee.

    Winchester Gun Safe Models

    1. Legacy
    2. Silverado
    3. Ranger
    4. Big Daddy
    Winchester Legacy gun safe

    Legacy Series

    The Legacy Series is as good as it gets from Winchester gun safes. This series is vastly improved in 2012. The biggest improvement is thicker steel, now 10 gauge.

    The Legacy Series also improved its fire rating to a 2.5 hour fire rating. This increased fire protection also adds some weight to the models, which is great.

    There are only two Legacy Series models, the Legacy 26 (MSRP $2,999) and the Legacy 53 (MSRP $4,699).

    Key Features:

    1. UL RSC Rated
    2. UL Rated Lock
    3. In-house Fire Rating 2.5 hours @ 1400° F
    4. Thicker Steel (10 gauge)


    1. Legacy 26 (28 gun capacity)
    2. Legacy 53 (54 gun capacity)

    Discontinued Winchester Gun Safes

    For at least a year or so, I will keep my reviews of the discontinued models and series here. This way, if you happen to find a new, but discontinued model, you can still read about it to see if it is worth getting.

    1. Western 34 (45 gun capacity)
    2. Silverado 45 (51 gun capacity)
    3. Deputy 12 (14 gun capacity)

    Please take a look at all of the Winchester Gun Safes and my reviews to see which ones are best for you.

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