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    Heritage Gun Safes have a reputation for quality. Since last year (2011), the different gun safes the company offers and how it positions them in the marketplace has significantly changed. To begin, Heritage markets its products under two different brand names, Heritage Safe and Fortress Security. While the names are different, the brands seem more like attached Siamese twins, unlike other companies that do the same thing.

    In a nutshell, Heritage is the premium product line and the dealers are given an exclusive 100 mile radius territory. Heritage dealers can also sell Fortress Security safes. Fortress Security dealers are not given an exclusive territory and cannot sell Heritage Gun Safes. The Fortress Security product line is less expensive and more value oriented.

    This exclusive authorized dealer network limits the information available regarding pricing. As stated in previous reviews, this practice is a bit arcane in today’s Internet age. Moreover, it makes it difficult to determine competitive pricing.

    For 2012, several of the former Heritage product line has been shifted to the Fortress Security product line, namely the Regal and the Citadel models. Also, practically every safe changed dimensions. Almost no one does this in such a wholesale manner. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, only it keeps me (and you!) on our toes!

    Let’s take a look at a couple Key Takeaways first, before getting to the product lines.

    Heritage Safes Key Takeaways:

    1. Fire Protection: Heritage Safe has its gun safe models independently certified by ITR. Even its lowest end model has 75 minutes worth of protection. The Ultimate (top of the line model) has over 2 hours worth of fire resistance. Heritage is one of the few manufacturers to get independent certification.
    2. Made in the USA: The safes are made in the USA.
    3. Warranty Protection: Heritage Warranty is good, but not nearly as comprehensive as other manufacturers. It has several conditions and exclusions that may or may not trip you up when making a claim. Nonetheless, it appears as though they are good about honoring the warranty.However, be aware that the Centennial line has a different warranty. It appears they do not cover flood damage. This would presumably include damage caused by water from a fire hose (i.e., if the safe is in the basement and water floods the basement), but it is not clear.
    4. Uniformity: All Series have 11 gauge steel on the outer body (Ultimate does have a 16 gauge liner) and have exactly the same size options. Eleven gauge steel is okay for the entry level series, but seems a bit thin on the upper level models, given some of the competition. The key (but not all) difference is the fire protection, which also affects the weight.

    Heritage Safe Models:

    1. Centennial
    2. Legacy
    3. Ultimate
    Heritage gun safe

    Centennial Series

    The Centennial is the entry-level model for Heritage Gun Safes and it is a pretty good entry-level model at that: good
    fire rating, very heavy and good all around choice. “Entry level” may be a bit of a misnomer. I suspect the price is a
    little higher than other entry level options, but the overall security features is are much better than other, so called
    entry level options.

    There are five different models with gun capacity from 30-72.

    Key Advantages:

    1. 75 Minute IRT Fire Rating
    2. UL Group II Rated Lock
    3. UL RSC Rated
    4. 4 Sided Locking bolt Protection


    1. Centennial CX3360 (30 gun capacity)
    2. Centennial CX3960 (48 gun capacity)
    3. Centennial CX3966 (48 gun capacity)
    4. Centennial CX4372 (56 gun capacity)
    5. Centennial CX5672 (72 gun capacity)
    Hopefully, you enjoyed my reviews on Heritage Gun Safes. If you own or purchase a Hertiage gun safe, please let me know how you like it.

    Discontinued Models

    For a period of time, I include discontinued model reviews. this allows you to read about a safe, just in case you find it on sale.


    1. Citadel FSC 366023 (52 gun capacity)
    2. Regal FSR 2460 (21 gun capacity)
    3. Regal FSR 3660 (48 gun capacity)
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