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    Barska Biometric Fingerprint Safe – Reviewed

    Barska Biometric Fingerprint Safe series is one of the most popular in the handgun safe industry. Owners rave about the quality, speed and accuracy of Barska’s pistol safe options. The company has four different models, three have a biometric lock and the fourth uses an electronic keypad lock.

    Barska is the only real mass market competitor to GunVault in terms of residential biometric fingerprint handgun safes. Like almost every handgun safe, all of these models need to be bolted down to achieve maximum effectiveness. Each model has a key lock in case the batteries run out or the safe otherwise malfunctions.

    Let’s take a look at each one in turn.

    Best Pricing

    Here are links to the best pricing on the Barska product line. Make sure you factor in shipping costs. Amazon.com typically does not include shipping. By comparison, Gunsafes.com has free shipping on orders over $50.

    Barska Biometric Fingerprint Safes

    1. AX11224
    2. AX11620
    3. AX11556
    4. AX11618
    barska ax 11224 biometric fingerprint safe


    This model is one of the best selling Barska biometric fingerprint safe they manufactures, or
    anyone manufactures for that matter.  It is a front loading, shoe box shape design.  The biometric
    lock stores up to 30 different fingerprints.  Obviously, for most fun owners this amount is
    superfluous, but in some office environments (non-gun) the extra access can be helpful.

    1. What I Like:  This safe is typically less expensive than the GunVault equivalent and has a
      similarly good biometric lock.  It is easy to operate and is very spacious.  For the money,
      it is an excellent buy.
    1. What I didn’t like:  The construction of the bottom and rear walls of the safe are a little flimsy compared with the other sides.  Obviously, these sides will be positioned down or back up to a wall, so the impact is minimal, but I would still like to see it a little stronger, similar to GunVault.
    1. Bottom Line:  This is a great safe for the money.  It is very spacious and receives excellent reviews.

    PLEASE NOTE: One reviewer on Amazon reports that you need to wipe your fingerprint off of the scanner  after each use.  Otherwise, a thief or teenager could gain access.  Interestingly enough, this trick was learned by the reviewer’s teenage son after watching Myth Busters on television!


                          Lock Type                       Biometric
                          Weight                      31 lbs.
                          Interior Dimensions                      16.25″ x 12″ x 7″
                          Exterior Dimensions                     16.5″ x 14.5″ x 7.75″
                          Attachment                       Bolt Holes
                          Key Override                       Yes
                          CA DOJ                        No
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