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    “Nothing protects like a Cannon Gun Safe.” This is the rally cry for the Cannon Safe Company. They cannon gun safeshave been in business for over 40 years and their safes are offered in some of the largest retailers in America, including Cabelas, Costco and Sam’s Club.

    2012 Update

    I have not found any siginificant changes to Cannon’s product line-up for 2012. This lack of change is not all that significant given that in 2011, Cannon made MASSIVE changes in its product line. In 2011, it added three new gun safe series (Commander, Armory, Scout) and 12 different models. The Tradition and Safari Series (both Dangerous Game and Serengeti models) can sometimes still be found, but they apparantly have been discontinued.

    Cannon Safe now has 5 main gun safe models: Commander, Cannon, Armory, Patriot, and Scout.

    Cannon touts their experience in the industry, noting that 50% of their manufacturing employees have 8-26 years working for Cannon. Additionally, each technical support team member averages 30 years in the safe industry.

    I first reveiwed Cannon last year and was not impressed. The website had no contact number and the safe descriptions were awful. Less than a year later,the company has redesigned its website, and added a customer service telephone number. Gun safe descriptions have gotten much better but they still are not as good as other companies. All in all though, Cannon seems to be moving in the right direction.


    Cannon Gun Safe Advantages:

    1. UL Rating: According to its sales department, all of Cannon’s safes are UL RSC rated. Incredibly, Cannon does not highlight this feature in any of its sales literature that I could find. I appreciate the effort they put into getting all their gun safes UL RSC certified. Not all safe companies do this.
    2. Fire Rating: Moreover, the company has utilized an outside ratings agency to evaluate its fire rating claims. Getting this third party fire certification is very rare. So, kudos to Cannon gun safe.

    Cannon Gun Safe Disadvantages:

    My biggest gripe with Cannon Safe, as a whole, is the lack of information regarding their safes. The website omits large chunks of safe features and construction.

    Most of the specifications for any given safe were inconsistent or outright nonexistent. For example, the site does not state how many locking bolts or the number of sides the locking bolts are on for any given safe.

    This is pretty basic stuff that they simply fail to mention or cover. Cannon has some good safes, but they really need to work on their customer buying experience a bit more.


    Cannon Gun Safe Warranty:

    They do, however, have a great warranty. They tout it as a “Zero Cost Lifetime Replacement.” For as long as you own your Cannon Gun Safe, they will repair or replace it if damage occurs do to a break-in, fire, or flood. Cannon will do this at no cost to you. No criticism here. They have a very good warrranty.

    Cannon Gun Safe Models:

    1. Scout
    2. Patriot
    3. Cannon
    4. Armory
    5. Commander
    Cannon Scout gun safe

    Scout Series

    The Scout Series is an entirely new gun safe line from Cannon. It is designed as an entry level option and has 7 different models,
    ranging in capacity from 14 to 48 rifles.

    Suggested retail pricing is from $870 to $1,750.

    Key Features:

    1. Triple Fin Palusol Door Seal (cold and hot smoke)
    2. UL Type 1 Electronic Lock
    3. Intertek-ETL Fire Rated 30 minutes at 1,200° F


    1. Scout S14 (14 Gun Capacity)
    2. Scout S19 (24 Gun Capacity)
    3. Scout S21 (24 Gun Capacity)
    4. Scout S33 (48 Gun Capacity)
    5. Scout S35 (30 Gun Capacity)
    6. Scout S40 (64 Gun Capacity)
    7. Scout S45 (48 Gun Capacity)

    Discontinued Models

    In 2011, Cannon revamped their entire safe line. Casualties of this change were the Traditional Series and, sadly, the entire Safari Series.

    1. Traditional
    2. Safari
    tradition gun safe

    Traditional Series

    The Traditional Series is one of Cannon’s premium gun safe offerings. This series is a significant step up from the Cannon Series. It has
    better steel (10 gauge versus 12 gauge), better locking bolts (1.5 inches versus 1.0 inches) and better fire protection (90 min. versus 60 min.).

    There are 4 different Traditional models with suggested retail pricing from $3,466 to $5,472. Gun capacity ranges from 22 up to 36.

    Key Features:

    1. 10 Gauge Steel
    2. UL RSC Rated
    3. Intertek-ETL 90 minute fire rating


    1. Traditional T27 (22 Gun Capacity)
    2. Traditional T36 (29 Gun Capacity)
    3. Traditional T43 (29 Gun Capacity)
    4. Traditional T54 (36 Gun Capacity)

    So, out of all this, which Cannon Gun Safe is YOUR favorite?

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