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    Trophy TY25 Safe Review

    The Champion Gun Safe, Trophy TY25, is a smaller safe with a lot of big features. The total capacity Champion Trophy gun safeis approximately 24 guns. The Trophy line was significantly improved and added to in 2011. There are now four different models (previously there were three) in the Trophy series. Also, Champion upgraded the steel and the fire rating.

    I would consider the Trophy Series a value choice. It has some very good features, but not top of the line. However, the price is not top of the line. The Trophy TY25, for example, retails for as little as $1,400.


    Champion Gun Safe Key Advantages:

    1. Steel: The TY25 has 11 gauge steel. Normally, I would not list this as an advantage as I like to see at least 10 gauge steel. However, last year’s model had 12 gauge steel. I will give them the advantage this year for going in the right direction. Make sure if you buy any Trophy series gun safe you get the newer model!
    2. Fire Rating: The fire rating is 90 minutes at 1,500 F. In 2010, the rating was for only one hour. Champion Gun Safe does all of their fire ratings in-house. They call it the “Phoenix Fire Rating.” Don’t let the fancy name, logo and fire classification ratings fool you. They do it in house.Again, normally I would not tout an in-house rating too much, but Champion does a good job explaining how the test was conducted and why certain components of the test are significant. This is far more than most manufacturers do, even the ones that use a third party lab for certification.
    3. Lock Plate Protector: Almost every safe has a lock plate to protect against a drill attack. Champion Gun Safe imbeds their lock protector with diamonds. The steel is also made of tungsten steel, which is harder than other type of steel. All-in-all this is a good lock plate.

    Key Disadvantages:

    1. Short: This safe is only 60 inches (outside dimension). Thus, you will want to make sure this is enough height for you.
    2. Light: The safe only weighs 725 pounds. I am not saying I could lift this safe, but a couple of industrious robbers probably wouldn’t have too hard a time. Make sure you bolt this safe down.
    3. Door Seal: This safe uses Lorient and Zero door seals. I cannot definitively state that this is a bad thing, only that every other decent safe typically uses Palusol.

    Fit and Finish

    There are three textured and three glossy colors to choose from. You will need to purchase a dehumidifier and interior lighting if you want them.

    Bottom Line

    For about $1,400, this safe has a UL RSC rating and many features you want in a safe. The fire rating is a bit of a grey area, but I would not let this deter me from buying it. Your biggest compromise will be the 11 gauge steel. I would say pass on this safe if it was still 12 gauge steel, but I have a harder time dismissing it with the new 2011 improvements. All in all this is a pretty solid choice for the money.

    Champion Trophy TY25 – By the Numbers

                       Security Features:                     Trophy TY25
                    UL Security Rating                 RSC
                    Steel Thickness                 11 Guage
                    Inside Bolt Holes                 Yes
                    Door Hinges                 Internal
                    Locking Bolts – No.               14
                     Locking Bolts – Sides                4
                    Locking Bolts – Size                 1.25″
                    Re-Lockers                 Yes
                    Lock Rating                 UL Group II
                    Lock Type                 Combination
                   Lock Manufacturer                 S&G
                    Lock Protection                 Yes – Diamond Plate
                    Clutch Mechanism                 R14C2
                   Fire Protection:
                    Fire Rating Agency                 In-House
                   Fire Rating               1.5 hours at 1,500° F
                   Door Seal                 Lorient/Zero
                    Insulation Type                 Fiberboard
                     Other Considerations:
                   Interior Lighting                 Kit
                    Water Resistant                 No
                    Dehumidifier                 Kit
                     Basic Features:
                    Exterior Measurement                 60.5″ x 31″ x 25.5″
                    Weight (lbs.)                 725
                    Capacity                 12-24
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