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    Champion Model T Gun Safe Review

    The Champion Model T gun safe is the least expensive model from Champion Safe. Of course, its Champion Model T gun safeinspiration is the original Model T automobile from Ford. Well, Henry Ford would be proud. This gun safe comes in one size, one color and one configuration (20 gun capacity). Like it or don’t like it. Take it or leave it. It is what it is.

    But, what is it exactly and is it worth buying? Let’s break it down.

    This safe retails for approximately $1,000, but you can usually get it for less. For a bare bones gun safe, this pricing is about right and comparable to other small capacity entry level gun safes, such as the Theftgard series from Browning.

    Warranty: Champion provides a lifetime repair or replacement warranty if the gun safe is damaged due to a burglary or fire. They pay for all shipping. Paying for shipping is critical as it can be very expensive. If the safe can be repaired on site, they will also pay for the repair.

    Key Advantages:

    1. Fire Rating: Champion Safe does something very unusual with its fire rating. It does a great job describing how a fire rating works (one of the best descriptions in the industry). Then, Champion creates a fire rating called “Phoenix Fire Protection” and divides the rating system into classes (class I, Class II, etc.). If you don’t read very closely, you almost think that it is a third party rating, but it is not. It is an in-house rating system. Is this good? Odd? Deceptive? I don’t know I just found it a little unusual.Anyway, the Model T has been rated at 45 minutes at 1,325° F. For an entry level gun safe, having a 45 minute rating is very good.
    2. UL Rating: The Model T has a UL RSC rating. Again, for an entry level safe, this is a big positive.
    3. Locking Bolts: One of the most unusual features to find on a bare bones entry level safe is having locking bolts on all four sides. This model does.
    4. Good Looking: Let’s face it. Even if you can only afford a $1,000 for a gun safe, you still want it to look good. This safe has a nice logo, a three spoke handle and a clean look with internal hinges.

    Key Disadvantages:

    1. Door Seal: All Champion Safes use a Lorient / Zero fire seal. This is the seal that goes around the safe door and expands when heated, to keep out smoke, heat and flames. I am not aware of any residential gun safe that uses any door seal other than Palusol, except Champion. I could find nothing that suggests this seal is inferior, but it is very odd to me that every other top gun safe manufacturer uses Palusol.
    2. Steel: Like almost every other entry level safe, the Champion Model T uses 12 gauge steel. For a knowledgeable and determined thief 12 gauge steel is not a huge hindrance.

    Fit and Finish

    You get one exterior color choice (textured grey) and one interior color choice. The interior can be configured at least three different ways.

    Bottom Line

    Like all entry level options, this safe is lacking in high level security features. However, your risk of fire damage is far greater than your risk of theft, so the Champion Model T has a very good fire rating, at 45 minutes.

    Champion Model T – By the Numbers

                     Security Features:                   Model T
                  UL Security Rating               RSC
                  Steel Thickness               12 Gauge
                  Inside Bolt Holes               Yes
                  Door Hinges               Internal
                  Locking Bolts – No.         8
                   Locking Bolts – Sides               4
                  Locking Bolts – Size               1″
                  Re-Lockers               Yes
                  Lock Rating               No
                  Lock Type               Combination
                 Lock Manufacturer               S&G
                  Lock Protection               Yes
                  Clutch Mechanism               Yes
                 Fire Protection:
                  Fire Rating Agency               In-House
                 Fire Rating              45 min. at 1,325° F
                 Door Seal               Lorient / Zero
                  Insulation Type               Fiberboard
                   Other Considerations:
                 Interior Lighting               Kit
                  Water Resistant               No
                  Dehumidifier               Kit
                   Basic Features:
                  Exterior Measurement               60.5″ x 28″ x 21.5″
                  Weight (lbs.)               485
                  Capacity               20
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