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    Best Corner Gun Cabinet – Reviewed

    The term corner gun cabinet is surprisingly popular as a search topic on the internet. If you are looking for such a gun storage option, you are not alone. Nonetheless, despite its search popularity, there are relatively few options for corner units.

    For those of you looking for an “off the shelf” option there are only three main choices. For those of you who are handy or have a bigger budget, the possibilities are significantly more favorable. Let’s first take a look at the off the shelf models.

    Mass Produced Corner Gun Cabinet

    Before looking at each cabinet, I will note that there are several other options available, both wood and metal. However, they are somewhat obscure and hard to find.

    Moreover, the websites where you find them are so poor, I am not sure I would be willing to purchase a product from them.

    homak corner gun cabinet

    Homak HS30036010

    Homak makes the most widely available corner weapons cabinet. It retails for as low as $340, a
    modest fee for such large capacity.

    It holds 10 rifles plus room for ammunition, handguns and
    other valuables.

    Like other metal gun cabinets, this unit should not be confused with being particularly secure, like a
    gun safe. However, it should keep children out and diminish or eliminate crimes or accidents of opportunity
    (i.e., misbehaving houseguest, etc.), but not a motivated adult or teen.

    It comes in black or silver and has the following dimensions: 33.75″ x 24.125″ x 57″. Weight is approximately 96 lbs.

    You can Compare pricing at gunsafes.com or Amazon.com.

    FYI – shipping is free on order over $20 at gunsafes.com.

    wood corner gun cabinet

    Country Furniture – Supreme 12

    The Supreme 12 is your primary wood corner gun cabinet option.  The unit is made from Hickory and is actually
    very nice.

    It holds up to 12 rifles on a rotating base (think lazy Susan) within the display area which has
    glass on three sides.  The display area is nicely illuminated with interior lighting.

    There is storage underneath the display area and the entire unit weights over 200 lbs. This is 10x heavier
    than the Homak.

    The dimensions are 32″ x 45″ x 76″.  Obviously, this gun cabinet isn’t stopping anyone, but it
    isn’t meant to.  It’s only intent is to look good (and it does this just fine, in my opinion).

    Here is the Country Furniture Gun Cabinet.

    Protex GS CR53 and CR73

    Here is where the picking gets a little slim.  These safes are essentially the same other than
    size.  Neither of them holds rifles or shotguns.  BUT, they would be a good option for a very
    substantial handgun safe, along with other valuables.

    Both have a 30 minute fire rating and 5 locking bolts on 3 sides.  Each one also has pre-drilled
    bolt holes to secure it to the floor.

                  protex cr73 corner safe               protex cr73 corner safe
                    CR73                 CR73 (Open)

                    CR73                 CR53
                    22.125″ x 28.75″ x 17″                 20″ x 21″ x 15.125″
                    157 lbs.                 108 lbs.



    Wood Corner Gun Cabinets

    Unless you are very handy with sheet metal, the above are your main options for residential corner cabinets. Fabricating sheet metal is not a skill many people posses.

    However, if you want a wood corner rifle cabinet, then your options open tremendously. Many people posses wood working skills and there are an abundance of plans, free and otherwise, floating around the internet that can allow you to get what you want.

    Alternatively, for those of you with a bigger budget, $2-3,000 and above, I would strongly suggest contacting Amish Woodworking. They already produce over 30 wooden gun cabinets. They also actively solicit custom cabinetry business. Making that perfect corner gun cabinet would be right up there ally.

    Did I miss any? Let me know and we can get them added!

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