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    Fort Knox Executive 7241 Review

    The Executive 7241 gun safe from Fort Knox is one of their premium models. The Executive Series is not the executive gun safe serieshighest series from Fort Knox, there are two higher, but the series has many of the same features at a lower cost.

    There are five different models in the Executive Series and the 7241 is the second largest. Depending upon your internal configuration, gun capacity is from 12-52. Combine this excellent capacity with a height of 72 inches and you have a very big gun safe.



    Key Advantages

    1. Steel: The 7241 has 7 gauge steel. As you go up the ladder of Fort Knox safes, the Executive Series is the first to offer this better gauge of steel. If you have read other reviews on this site, you will know that 7 gauge steel is typically the best you can get for a residential gun safe.
    2. Unibody Construction: Fort Knox takes one piece of steel and folds it to make the safe. By doing this, the safe has fewer welds, thus making it much stronger and harder to break into.
    3. Lock Mechanism: The Executive 7241 has a rack & pinion locking system. This type of system is very strong and precise. You will typically find this in commercial safes, but almost never in residential gun safes.
    4. Fire Rating: Fire rating is independently tested for 90 minutes at 1,680° F. Obviously, this is excellent. Fort Knox does not disclose what entity does its fire testing.
    5. Locking Bolts: There are 20 locking bolts surrounding the door, with each bolt being 1.5 inches. The Executive 7241 also has four star shaped corner locking bolts. This last feature is fantastic at making it more difficult to pry open the safe door.

    Key Disadvantages

    1. Accessories: For a safe this secure, it would be nice if the lighting and dehumidifier were included.
    2. Dealer Network: Fort Knox uses an exclusive dealer network which makes it almost impossible to price shop the safes. Just try to find a published price for any new Fort Knox Safe on the Internet. It is extremely rare, if not impossible. In fact, one dealer reports that it lost its dealership for posting Fort Knox pricing. Without extensively calling different dealers, you have no idea if the price you are given is competitive or not. Additionally, your “local” dealer may be very far away. Servicing the safe if you live in a remote area,can be very difficult. Plus, you had better hope you like and trust your local dealer, because they are it.

    Fit and Finish

    You have a choice of 14 glossy colors or 4 textured colors. Fort Knox also does a good job at offering you three different interior colors. I also like the various interior configurations of the safe.

    Bottom Line

    Besides the dealer network issue, what’s not to like with this safe? It has great enhanced security features, great fire rating and thick steel.

    Executive 7241 Gun Safe – By the Numbers

    Security Features: Executive 7241
    UL Security Rating UL RSC
    Steel Thickness 7 Gauge
    Inside Bolt Holes Yes
    Door Hinges Internal
    Locking Bolts – No. 20
    Locking Bolts – Sides 4
    Locking Bolts – Size 1.5″
    Re-Lockers Yes
    Lock Rating UL Group II
    Lock Type Combination
    Lock Manufacturer S&G
    Lock Protection Yes
    Clutch Mechanism Yes
    Fire Protection:
    Fire Rating Agency Third Party
    Fire Rating 90 min. at 1,680° F
    Door Seal Dual Seal Palusol
    Insulation Type Fiberboard
    Other Considerations:
    Interior Lighting Kit
    Water Resistant No
    Dehumidifier Kit
    Basic Features:
    Exterior Measurement 72.5″ x 41″ x 30″
    Weight (lbs.) 1,596
    Capacity 12-52
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