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    Gun Safe Dehumidifier

    Keeping Your Guns Dry and Rust FREE!

    A good gun safe dehumidifier is a must if you live in a moist climate. When you close the safe door, the moisture in the trapped air has nowhere to go and can easily be transferred to your guns. The resulting water on the gun can cause them to rust.

    There are many different dehumidifier choices. Personally, I prefer an electronic option, although there are many fine desiccant models as well.

    Choosing a Dehumidifier

    The key to choosing any dehumidifier is determining how much space it can actually clear of moisture. Most dehumidifiers will tell you they will work in the size of the safe (e.g., a safe up to 30 inches wide)or they will state it will dehumidify up to a certain cubic foot area (e.g., 100 cubic feet).

    If you have a larger safe, you may have to buy more than one dehumidifier, especially if you go the desiccant route, as these models tend to clear a smaller area of moisture.

    Electric Gun Safe Dehumidifier

    Regardless of which electric model you choose, if your safe does not have an outlet in it, you will have to drill a hole in the safe wall. Make sure the dehumidifier you are using allows you to unplug the electric cord so that the cord can pass through the drilled hole. The last thing you want is to drill a hole the size an electric plug.

    Browning gun safe dehumidifier

    Browning 164128 EverDry (18 Inches)

    This model is 18 inches long and works in gun safes 30 inches wide and wider.  This model retails for about $40.

    Browning flexible gun safe dehumidifier

    Browning 164129 EverDry Flexible

    This model is the latest and greatest from Browning. It actually can be bent to conform to tight spaces. There
    is no recommended size limit. The cord does disengage to allow it to easily slip through a drilled hole if
    needed. Retails for about the same price as the rod versus, $40.

    lockdown gun safe dehumidifier

    Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod

    The two Lockdown gun safe dehumidifiers are a good inexpensive option. The 12 inch models removes moisture up to 100
    cubic feet, while the 18 inch model will do up to 200 cubic feet. On both models, the cord is removable to allow it
    to more easily fit through a drilled hole. Pricing ranges from $20-$25 dollars depending upon the model size.

    cannon gun saver gun safe dehumidifier

    Cannon Safe GS-12 GunSaver Dehumidifier

    Arguably, the highest quality (and UL tested) is the Cannon GunSaver. It will dehumidify up to 100 cubic feet. It
    is a bit pricey, approximately $72, but it really moves the air around your safe to keep things nice and dry.

    Ironwood Pacific gun safe dehumidifier

    Ironwood Pacific Dry Wave Air Dryer

    This model has a little bigger circumference but is a very efficient model that can dehumidify up to 100 cubic feet.
    The cord is removable, for easy pass through, and only retails for about $28.

    Desiccant or Non Electric Gun safe Dehumidifier

    eva dry E333 gun safe dehumidifier
    eva dry E500 gun safe dehumidifier
                 Eva-Dry E-333               Eva-Dry E-500

    These models are some of the most popular, non-electric, dehumidifiers in the industry. The E-333 does up to a 333 cubic foot area, which should be more than adequate. The E-500 does up to 500 cubic feet.

    Both units take about 30-60 days to “fill up” with moisture. Then, you will have to plug the unit into an outlet so it can dry itself. This process will take a bout 10-145 hours. Cost range from $15-$28.

    Browning desiccant gun safe dehumidifier

    Browning 154001 Dry Sacc Dehumidifier

    This desiccant model is simply a box that absorbs moisture.  It works in safes up to 30 inches wide (approximately 37cubic feet).  Once the desiccant material is saturated, you will need to “recharge” the material by drying it in an oven.

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