Heritage Centennial Gun Safe

The Heritage Centennial Gun Safe Series is a new offering in 2012. Heritage Safes has made some dramatic heritage centennial gun safechanges to the models offered over the last several years. The Centennial offers some excellent security features, while maintaining a value oriented price point.

This review is on the Centennial CX3966 with a 48 long gun capacity. There are a total of five models in the series the other four being:

  1. Centennial CX3360 (30 gun capacity)
  2. Centennial CX3960 (48 gun capacity)
  3. Centennial CX4372 (56 gun capacity)
  4. Centennial CX5672 (72 gun capacity)


The key difference between the CX3966 and the CX3960 is the height (66 vs. 60 inches). Heritage uses the last two digits of the model number to designate how high the safe is.

Anyway, I like the CX3966. Let’s take a look at why.


Key Advantages

  1. Fire Rating: This safe has a 75 minute fire rating. The rating is
    independently conducted by IRT. Almost no safe company has their fire rating verified, so this is very good. Kudos to Heritage Safe.

  2. Locking Bolts: Heritage uses locking bolts that have been notched at the end. The theory
    is that if the door is pried and starts to bend, the notch in the end of the bolt will catch on the frame
    and provide more strength to the door. Nice!

  3. Heavy: This gun safe is heavy: 950 pounds!

  4. Made in the USA: Obviously, you would prefer a USA made safe over an import from China.

  5. Height: This safe has the added advantage of being 66 inches tall versus
    the other 48 gun capacity model, which is only 60 inches. The cost difference is only about $200.

  6. Price: Pricing is difficult to accurately determine, given that Heritage only
    uses dealers who do not typically advertise pricing. However, I have seen this safe for $2,699.
    For all you get, this is a great price.

Key Disadvantages

  1. Steel: The big disadvantage for the Heritage Centennial gun safe series is the steel
    thickness: 11 gauge. It would have been nice to have 10 gauge steel. However,
    this safe probably most compares to the Liberty Lincoln, which also has 11 gauge steel.

Bottom Line

This is a very good safe option for only around $2,700. Very good security, very good fire protection and lots of customization options. I also like that it is made in the USA. Interestingly enough, I get a lot of emails from people discussing their distaste for Chinese made safes. Well, here’s one that is made right here.

Heritage Centennial Gun Safe – By the Numbers

Security Features: CX3966
UL Security Rating RSC
Steel Thickness 11 Guage
Inside Bolt Holes Yes
Door Hinges External
Locking Bolts – No. NA
Locking Bolts – Sides 4
Locking Bolts – Size 1.25″
Re-Lockers Yes
Lock Rating UL Group II
Lock Type Combination
Lock Manufacturer S&G
Lock Protection Yes
Clutch Mechanism Shear Pin
Fire Protection:
Fire Rating Agency ITR
Fire Rating 75 Minutes at 1,400° F
Door Seal Palusol
Insulation Type Fiberboard
Other Considerations:
Interior Lighting Kit
Water Resistant No
Dehumidifier Kit
Basic Features:
Exterior Measurement 66″ x 39″ x 31″
Weight (lbs.) 950
Capacity 48