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    Legacy LX4372 Safe Review

    Finding the best Heritage gun safe ultimately depends on what features you want and what you can afford. The Heritage Legacy gun safeLegacy Series is the BEST SELLING Heritage Safe series. The LX4372 is the second largest gun safe available in this series. It has a stated capacity of 56 long guns.

    In 2012, the Legacy Series replaced the Traditional series. The new series underwent a complete overhaul, significantly improving the safe. They increased the number of models offered, upgraded the fire protection and upgraded the security features available. Unfortunately, the steel thickness is not as good.

    Let’s take a look at some of the Key Advantages of this safe before discussing some of the drawbacks.

    Key Advantages:

    1. Locking Bolts: This model has 1.25 inch locking bolts securing the door on all four sides. Each locking bolt extends 2 inches into the safe body, which is beyond the normal extension in the industry. Also, each bolt is notched at the end.The notch is meant to catch on the door frame to make prying the door open much more difficult.
    2. Fire Protection: The LX4372 has an IRT Certified fire rating of 95 minutes. As discussed elsewhere on this site, it is rare to get an independent fire rating certification.
    3. Height: This particular model has an exterior height of 72 inches. This leaves plenty of room for most taller guns in your collection.
    4. Heavy: Often this aspect of a safe gets over looked, but should be mentioned because the weight of a gun safe is important. This particular safe weighs 1,150 pounds. Let’s see you try to move this thing around, even if you have a dolly.
    5. UL Group II Rated Lock from S&G: This is the lock you want.
    6. Glass Relocker: If a tief tries to pry the door, a glas relocker breaks, frezing al of the locking bolts. This feature is rare on non-commercial grade safes.

    Key Disadvantages:

    1. Steel. The old series had 7 gauge steel.This is excellent.The new series has 11 gauge steel. Not awful, but not overly impressive. It seems like Heritage lightened up on the steel this year, but increased other security features.
    2. No Clutch Mechanism: From reading the safe guide, you know that a clutch mechanism on the handle is very important.No Heritage gun safe has this feature. I spoke with Heritage Safe about this and their response was that they utilize a shear pin instead of a Clutch.Thus,if a thief tries to crank the handle to possibly force the door to open, a pin inside the handle will shear off and cause the lock handle to no longer function.

      I have not seen this device work, so I cannot offer an opinion about whether this is equal, if not superior to a standard clutch.However, it is a better option than not having any security feature to protect against forced entry.

    3. No Dehumidifier: Once you get into the higher end models, it is nice to not have to purchase dehumidifier separately. With this safe, you do.
    4. Exclusive Dealer Network: A lack of online sales options is a company focused business model rather than customer focused in my opinion. There are hundreds of safe options out there and hiding the ball on competitive pricing is an anachronistic way of doing business that seeks to protect the company and its dealer network bottom line.

      Yes, there are advantages to after the sale service to having a dedicated local dealer. However, the sales process is a bit old school.

    Fit and Finish

    You have a choice of 6 glossy finish colors and 6 textured finish colors. There is one interior color choice: Beige.

    Bottom Line

    Overall, for the safe itself, the positive features of this safe do outweigh the negative. If you are looking for a premium safe this is a good choice provided you get a good price. I wish they had kept the old steel thickness. This would make recommending the safe much easier. Nonetheless, the safe still is a good choice given its independent (and long) fire rating, as well as other advanced security features.

    Heritage Legacy LX4372 – By the Numbers

    Security Features: Legacy LX 4372
    UL Security Rating RSC
    Steel Thickness 11 Gauge
    Inside Bolt Holes Yes
    Door Hinges External
    Locking Bolts – No. Not Disclosed
    Locking Bolts – Sides 4
    Locking Bolts – Size 1.25″
    Re-Lockers Yes
    Lock Rating Group II
    Lock Type Combination
    Lock Manufacturer S&G
    Lock Protection Yes
    Clutch Mechanism Sheer Pin
    Fire Protection:
    Fire Rating Agency ITR
    Fire Rating 95 min. @ 1,400+° F
    Door Seal Palusol
    Insulation Type Fiberboard
    Other Considerations:
    Interior Lighting Kit
    Water Resistant No
    Dehumidifier Kit
    Basic Features:
    Exterior Measurement 72″ x 43″ x 31″
    Weight (lbs.) 1,150
    Capacity 56
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