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    Homak Gun Cabinet

    Inexpensive and Popular

    Many people prefer owning a Homak Gun Cabinet to other cabinet options on the market today. Why is that? What homak gun cabinetmakes one cabinet any different than another? Let’s take a look.

    Homak makes SIX different gun cabinet models. This article reviews five of them. The other model is a corner gun cabinet and is reviewed after the jump.

    All cabinets come in a choice of either black or silver colored finish.


    Homak Advantages

    1. Construction: Overall, these models are sturdy and well constructed. If you ever see them in person, I
      think you will be impressed. NOW, I will make the distinction that these are NOT gun safes, so before
      anyone writes me and says I am crazy, I want to make that clear. The bar is set much lower. But, for a
      standard sheet metal cabinet, I like these cabinets.
    2. Lock: All of the locks are key locks. Interestingly, Homak has chosen to have two locks on each cabinet
      door, one on the top and one on the bottom. This tends to make the cabinet door a little sturdier. However,
      don’t think that you will be able to open this safe in a flash if you are experiencing a home invasion or
      robbery.Think about how long it would take you to fumble around with two different locks as someone is racing
      to your bedroom. If you are concerned about this, you had better get a quick access handgun Safe
      in addition to a gun cabinet.
    3. California DOJ Certified: Each Homak Gun Cabinet is certified by the California DOJ, except the HS30136028. As
      mentioned in other reviews, this certification is not overly difficult to obtain, but it does represent a baseline level of
      security comfort if you have kids. And, the certification is obviously necessary if you live in California.
    4. Model 36614: This model has a small compartment on the top that can hold a pistol or handgun. There is a quick access
      electronic combination lock. This allows you to have ready access to your pistol in an emergency.

    Homak Disadvantages

    homak gun cabinet

      1. Steel: Homak does not list the steel thickness on its website. Most resellers do not list it as well. However,
        almost every Homak Amazon.com listing states that the thickness is 7/8″ thick steel. Really? Really? This steel
        thickness is .875 inches, almost an inch thick. To put this into perspective, the BEST residential gun safe I know
        of has 7 gauge steel or 0.1875 inches thick.Obviously, there is a misprint. The only point here is to read carefully and critically. These are decent cabinets,
        but let’s not get carried away, here. Calls to Homak remained unanswered to confirm the sheet metal thickness.
      2. Security: Like all gun cabinets, these are NOT going to stop any decent thief. However, it will keep
        your firearms from kids and casual thieves / curious houseguests.

    Make sure you bolt this safe to the wall or floor, otherwise it can be picked up and carried away.

    Homak Gun Cabinet – By the Numbers

    Here is a comparison of the various Homak gun storage options.

    As discussed above, each safe comes in either black or silver. The model numbers given below are for the black models. If you want the silver model, then you only need to change ONE number. You only need to remove the first “1” and replace it with a “0”.

    For example, the model HS30103605 (black) would become HS30003605 (silver). The only thing that changes is the color.

                  Model               Ext. Dimensions               Weight               Capacity
                  HS30103605               14″W x 10″D x 57″H              56  lbs.               6
               HS30103660             21″W x 10″D x 57.25″H               64 lbs.               8
                 HS30103630             21″W x 16.125″D x 57″H               88 lbs.               12
                HS30136028            32″W x 10″D x 57″H               100 lbs.               8
                HS20136614             21″W x 18.25″D x 57″H                 130 lbs.             14

    Best Pricing

    Here are links to the best pricing on the Homak product line. Make sure you factor in shipping costs. Amazon typically does not include shipping. By comparison, Gunsafes.com has free shipping on orders over $50.

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