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    Where to Find the Best Safe Locksmiths in Arlington, Virginia

    Your locksmith Arlington, Virginia choices are very good, other areas in the country can only dream of these quality choices. It seems like there must be a lot of secrets worth locking up in the Washington, D.C. area! There are many safe vendors and technicians.

    However, it is not just your choices, but the qualification requirements placed on these choices by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Very Extensive licensing requirements and training, compared with other States.

    Virginia Locksmith Laws and Certification Requirements

    Virginia is one of the few States that actually has a training requirement, in addition to a background locksmith arlingtoncheck. TheDepartment of Criminal Justice Service requires 18 hours of training before you can be licensed. (6 VA 20-171-10, et al.).

    Ten hours of the training is focused on the craft of being a locksmith. The other 8 hours is about the legal, historic and ethics of being a locksmith. Given the responsibility that a locksmith has with the safety and security of your home or business, it seems crazy that more states don’t follow the lead of Virginia in licensing locksmiths.

    Arlington Locksmith Trade Associations

    The Virginia Locksmith Association (www.virginialocksmithassociation.org) is the local chapter of the ALOA. Its website is under construction but it is an active association. Because of the competition in the Arlington / Washington D.C. area, many of the locksmiths take the time to get certified at various levels with the Associated Locksith of America (ALOA).

    Top Safe Locksmith Arlington Options

    Federal Lock & Safe

    Federal Lock & Safe is a TOP SECRET certified facility. I am not sure what that means but it is impressive nonetheless. They have multiple safe certified technicians and they claim that they can open any safe in the world. This is a very solid choice for your gun safe locksmith.

    5130 Wilson Boulevard
    Arlington, VA 22205
    Phone: 703.525.1436

    Baldino’s Lock & Key

    Baldino’s as been a family run business since 1961. Staring modestly, the company now has 18 different locations. They have extensive experience as safe locksmiths. With 18 locations, I would hope you could find one near you!

    1001-B North Fillmore Street Arlington, VA 22201
    Phone: 703.522.6898


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