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    Where to Find the Best Las Vegas Safe Locksmiths

    Admittedly, the search term “locksmith Las Vegas” did not turn up a plethora of quality safe locksmith choices. It seems that sin city is still a bit like the wild west when it comes to reputable locksmiths.

    Let’s take a look at the state of the law in Nevada and whether any professional trade organizations can help in the search for a quality Las Vegas Locksmith.

    Nevada Locksmith Laws and Certification Requirements

    evada does have at least one statute relevant to the certification of locksmiths, Nevada Revised Statue locksmith las vegas655.070. This statute requires a Locksmith or a Safe Mechanic to get a work permit.

    Each county must determine the extent of the work permit requirements. In some cases, like Las Vegas, Henderson and other larger cities, the city government issues the work permit.

    Requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but typically require criminal background and fingerprint checks.

    Locksmith Las Vegas Trade Associations

    Some websites list the Nevada Professional Locksmith Association Inc. as the trade association for the state. I could find no website for this entity and very little corroborating evidence of its existence. As such, I do not place much credence in its existence or trust worthiness.

    Top Safe Locksmith Las Vegas Options

    Pop A Lock of Las Vegas


    Pop-a-Lock is a nationwide chain of locksmiths. They mostly specialize in auto and home door locks. They are members of the ALOA and the Better Business Bureau. They do have some certifications, although no safe certifications, from the ALOA. They are a 24/7 operation

    6280 S. Valley View Blvd., Suite 102,
    Las Vegas, NV 89118
    Phone: 702.454.5625
    Fax: 702.448.4658

    I was going to list one other Las Vegas locksmith, but I found so many errors on their website, that I decided against it. They claimed to have a BBB A+ ranking, but did not. They claimed to be a SAVTA member but were not. The list goes on.

    If you know of a reputable safe locksmith service in the Las Vegas Area, please drop me an email and I will check out getting them listed.

    Disclosure: None of the above companies paid to be in this directory. Additionally, you need to perform your own due diligence when deciding upon a safe locksmith. I do not guarantee or warranty any company listed in this directory. All laws are subject to change.



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