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    Top Phoenix Arizona Safe Locksmiths

    Your Locksmith Phoenix, Arizona choices are decent, although not exceptional. There are often locksmith scams in Arizona, so be careful who you trust.

    I have a couple of recommendations below and I also give an overview of the relevant trade associations and state of the locksmith law in Arizona.

    Arizona Locksmith Laws and Certification Requirements

    locksmith phoenix
    This section is very straightforward. There are no licensing requirements in Arizona. “Anybody” can become a locksmith just by declaring it so.

    Let’s try it: Hey, I think I want to be a locksmith today in Phoenix, Arizona. Well, now you are.


    Phoenix Locksmith Trade Associations

    f you do a search for Arizona or Phoenix locksmith trade associations, you will find several references. However, none of these seem to be active, if not legitimate. Apparently, Arizona has a bit of an independent streak and tends to shun associations.

    Top Safe Locksmith Options

    Allied Security

    Dennis is a rare breed. He is a Certified Master SafeTech, the highest safe designation offered by the ALOA. He is also a Certified Master Locksmith, again the highest general locksmith certification available. He only works by appointment so call early and book it!

    Dennis Watanabe, CML, CMST
    P.O. Box 12667
    Casa Grande, AZ 85130
    Phone: 602.999.1111

    Alcatraz Lock and Security

    Alcatraz is a decent secondary option. They seem to have good experience working with safes. Try Calling Todd Hogan at Alcatraz to work on your gun safe.

    Todd Hogan, CRL
    610 E. BellRoad, No. 2
    Phoenix, AZ 85022
    Phone: 602.677.5045

    Disclaimer: None of the above companies paid to be in this directory. Additionally, you need to perform your own due diligence when deciding upon a safe locksmith. I do not guarantee or warranty any company listed in this directory. All laws are subject to change.

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