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    Top Rockville, Maryland Locksmith Options

    Your Locksmith Rockville choices, unlike some areas of the country, are exceptional. Rarely, do I find so many qualified choices. Also, the State has taken a very proactive part in licensing locksmiths. Kudos to Maryland!

    I have a couple of recommendations below and I also give an overview of the relevant trade associations and state of the locksmith law in Maryland.

    Maryland Locksmith Laws and Certification Requirements

    Effective in 2010, Maryland revamped its locksmith licensing laws. The specific statutory reference is locksmith rockvilleChapters 551 and 552. Under the statutory authority, the Secretary of Labor developed a series of regulations, Code Business Regulation Article,Secs. 12.5-101 through 12.5-601.

    The regulations are fairly extensive. Essentially, there are multiple mechanisms to ensure only reputable individuals can get licensed and multiple dispute resolutions should problems arise.

    For example, a criminal background check is required. All licensees must carry photo identification from the state. Insurance is required. Local law enforcement is notified should a licensee’s status change. The list goes on extensively. All in all, Maryland has some of the most comprehensive licensing regulations I have seen.

    Rockville Locksmith Trade Associations

    The relevant Rockville locksmith trade association is called the Maryland Locksmith Association or MLA. (mdmla.org). While the entity has been around for years, the website leaves something to be desired.

    Of course, many Rockville locksmiths are members of the Associated Locksmiths of America(ALOA.org), the main national trade organization.

    Top Safe Locksmith Rockville Options

    Bear Lock & Safe Service

    Often, when recommending safe locksmiths, I am faced with a complete lack of qualified candidates. Not so here. Bob De Weese runs Bear Lock. Bob is a Certified Master Locksmith and a Certified Professional Safe Tech. He currently, or in the past, has held leadership positions in the MLA, ALAO, and the Safe and Vault Technician’s Association (SAVTA).

    205 Cleveland Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21222
    Phone: 410.285.0101

    Baldino’s Lock & Key

    Baldinos has been in business for over 50 years through two generations. They have extensive experience with safes and many different locations to service its customers.

    16803 Crabbs Branch Way
    Rockville, MD 20855
    Phone: 301.610.7900 (24/7)
    Phone: 301.519.2302 (Shop)

    Disclaimer: None of the above companies paid to be in this directory. Additionally, you need to perform your own due diligence when deciding upon a safe locksmith. I do not guarantee or warranty any company listed in this directory. Laws are subject to change without notice.

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