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    National Security Magnum 40 Gun Safe

    National Security Safe is a marketing division of Liberty Safe. National Security only has one series of
    national security magnum gun safesafes, the Magnum, which is largely based on the Presidential Series by Liberty. There are three different Magnum safes and the Magnum 40 is the middle option.

    Like the Presidential Series, the Magnum is almost as much about looking good as it is about function. This gun safe is a looker. It comes in a large variety of finishes and will complement any room.

    There are 5 key differences between the two series:

    1. Offset Clutch Mechanism
    2. Offset Handle
    3. External Hinges
    4. Optional Feathered Edge Paint
    5. National Security Logo / Graphics

    The first two essentially are the same. If you offset the handle, you offset the clutch mechanism. The only real substantive change is the external hinges. These allow for easier access to the safe contents, as the door can open more fully than with internal hinges.

    As discussed in the gun safe buying guide, some pundits argue that external hinges make a safe easier to break into. With all of the advanced features on this safe, I think any thief is going to have a hard time with this safe.

    Key Advantages:

    1. 7 Gauge Steel: This steel is thick. It is one of the thickest you can buy for a residential or home gun safe.
    2. Upgraded Interior: The safe comes standard with a jewelry drawer, dehumidifier, interior recessed lighting, and accessory door panel. When you spend the extra money, it is nice to have these types of features included. Less expensive safes typically charge extra.
    3. UL Rated: Like each National Security Safe, the Magnum 40 is UL RSC burglary rated and comes standard with a UL Group II S&G combination lock.
    4. Locking Bolts: Per the usual, for a higher end gun safe, you get 4 sided locking bolt protection and thicker locking bolts 1.5″. The Magnum 40 has 22 bolts around the door.

    Key Disadvantages:

    1. You will pay a little higher premium for the National Security Safe brand than if you purchase the equivalent Presidential model. For the basic model, the price difference is approximately $250.Other than this minor issue, there are no significant downside issues to buying this safe.

    Bottom Line

    If you are spending this much for a gun safe, the noted price difference is nominal, so go with the one that you think looks better. There really is no significant performance difference, other than the external hinges.

    From a vanity perspective, I do like the offset clutch mechanism and I also like the feathered edge painting. However, if you are going to hide the safe away from prying eyes and thieves, save the couple hundred dollars.

    National Security Magnum 40 – By the Numbers

    Security Features: Magnum 40
    UL Security Rating RSC
    Steel Thickness 7 gauge
    Inside Bolt Holes Yes
    Door Hinges External
    Locking Bolts – No. 22
    Locking Bolts – Sides 4
    Locking Bolts – Size 1.5″
    Re-Lockers Yes
    Lock Rating UL Group II
    Lock Type Combination
    Lock Manufacturer S&G
    Lock Protection Yes
    Clutch Mechanism Yes
    Fire Protection:
    Fire Rating Agency Internal
    Fire Rating 150 min. at 1,200° F
    Door Seal Palusol
    Insulation Type Fiberboard
    Other Considerations:
    Interior Lighting Included
    Water Resistant No
    Dehumidifier Included
    Basic Features:
    Exterior Measurement 66.5″ x 36″ x 27.5″
    Weight (lbs.) 1,315
    Capacity 33
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