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    Electronic Pistol Safes

    Finding the best electronic handgun or pistol safes shouldn’t be all that hard. Nonetheless, I found it more barska pistol safethan a little difficult given the VAST number of choices.

    There are easily over a dozen manufacturers and well over several dozen model choices.

    Depending upon who you talk to, one model is the second coming of security and simultaneously a hunk of Hong Kong garbage!

    Which one is the best electronic handgun safe? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Let’s look at some different thoughts, then get to my reviews and TOP recommendations.

    Buying Guide:

    For a detailed look at how to choose a pistol safe, take a look at
    my handgun safe buying guide.

    DOOR: Besides my buying guide, I would also throw in that which
    safe you choose will depend on what type of door you want. For example,
    will the door be on the top or will it open in the front, like a
    standard or traditional type of safe. I have different recommendations
    for either type, below.

    Electronic Pistol Safe Reviews

    1. Gardall
    2. GunVault
    3. Stack-On
    4. BARSKA

    On my main handgun safe review page, I have recommended top
    manufacturers in general. These companies, on the whole make the
    best overall product line of pistol safes, regardless of lock type.

    Here, I go one step further and look not only at the
    manufacturers, but also more closely at individual models.
    For example, I like Gardall safes, but it was not a top overall
    pistol safe recommendation compared with other manufacturers.
    However, its electronic lock handgun safe is a top recommendation,
    as discussed below.

                    gardall pistol safe


    Gardall only makes one smaller pistol safe, the PS915. The
    PS915 is a TOP loading safe that can typically hold one gun
    very comfortably with room to spare or even two handguns if
    they are the right size. So, while most top loading safes are
    relatively small, this one actually has a lot of storage room.

    I also like this safe’s toughness. It is sturdier than many
    other handgun safes. True, you will pay more for this
    toughness, approximately $180. However, I think it is well
    worth it. In fact, the safe has a UL Group II rated lock.
    This is amazing.

    This safe also comes with a mounting bracket AND a cable.
    So, if you want to take it in your car, RV, etc., you have the
    ability to cable lock it.

    Despite its size, this pistol safe is not as big as your
    standard shoe box style handgun safe. Thus, if you want to
    store more than two handguns, or other valuables, then this may
    be a bit small for you.

                          Lock Type                       Electronic
                          Weight                       15 lbs.
                          Interior Dimensions                       3″ x 8″ x 9″
                          Exterior Dimensions                       4.75″ x 9.5″ x 14″
                          Attachment                       Bolt Holes
                          Key Override                       Yes
                          CA DOJ                        No

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