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    Browning Platinum Plus PP47F Gun Safe

    Browning Platinum Plus gun safe
    Platinum Series

    The Platinum Plus PP47F is one of Browning Safe’s top of the line models. There are 3 other Platinum
    Plus models, two larger, one smaller. This series is easily one of the best residential gun safes you can buy. It has tremendous advanced security and fire protection features.

    The gun capacity on this safe is approximately 33 long guns, plus an additional 10 guns on the door. All of this doesn’t come cheap, though.

    You can usually purchase the PP47F for approximately $5,300. Let’s see why this safe is so good and see if you are convinced to make the investment.


    Key Advantages:

    1. Steel: To be considered a premium safe, you must have superior steel. The Platinum Plus Series has 5/16 inch steel. There is no exact gauge equivalent, but it is better than 3 gauge steel. This is outstanding for a residential gun safe.
    2. Fire Rating: A residential fire is much more common than burglary. The PP47F has a fire rating of 120 minutes at 1,200° F.
    3. Locking Bolts: The PP47F has a whopping 28 locking bolts surrounding the four door sides. Four of these bolts are actually on each door corner and diagonally extend into the safe body. These bolts make it very difficult to pry open the safe door at the corner. Very few safes have these types of corner bolts.
    4. Door Storage: Many safes have door storage options. However, Browning Safe takes this to the next level with its DPX storage system. This door storage system allows you to easily store 10 long guns on the door, plus additional items.

    Key Disadvantages:

    1. There are very few disadvantages to owning the Browning Safe PP47F. It is pricy, but similar to other premium models from other manufacturers. It also would be nice if they included the $29 dehumidifier when you are dropping over five grand on a gun safe.

    Fit and Finish:

    As noted above, the PP47F has the DPX door storage system. This is an excellent way to increase your storage. New in 2012, the company also added the Scope Saver feature to the DPX system. Now, there are recesses in the door to allow you to hang scoped rifles on the door.

    Additionally, the interior shelving of the safe can be adjusted from side to side, not just up and down. This new feature is called Axis Shelving.

    Browning is also a trend setter for those of you who like graphics on your safe door. You have a choice of 8 different graphics (animal, landscape, scroll, etc.) or 4 different popular associations (NRA, etc.). There are five different color choices.

    Bottom Line

    Browning Safe is a long standing and trusted name in the gun business. They make a great gun safe and the Platinum Plus PP47F is there top of the line offering. It would be hard to go wrong with this Browning safe.

    Browning Platinum Plus PP47F – By the Numbers

    Security Features: Platinum Plus PP47F
    UL Security Rating RSC
    Steel Thickness 5/16 inch
    Inside Bolt Holes Yes
    Door Hinges Exterior
    Locking Bolts – No. 28
    Locking Bolts – Sides 4
    Locking Bolts – Size 1.5″
    Re-Lockers Yes
    Lock Rating UL Group II
    Lock Type Combination
    Lock Manufacturer S&G
    Lock Protection Yes
    Clutch Mechanism Yes
    Fire Protection:
    Fire Rating Agency In-House
    Fire Rating 120 min. at 1,200° F
    Door Seal Palusol
    Insulation Type Fiberboard
    Other Considerations:
    Interior Lighting Included
    Water Resistant No
    Dehumidifier Kit
    Basic Features:
    Exterior Measurement 72″ x 40″ x 28″
    Weight (lbs.) 1,470
    Capacity 22-43
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