Remington Silver 30 Gun Safe

The Remington Silver 30 offers decent capacity (up to 30 rifles) at a very low price (starting at Remington Silver gun safeapproximately $1,300). The Silver Series is one step up from the rather pedestrian Sportsman’s Series and offers more of what you are looking for in a gun safe, even at an entry level.

At this point, Remington Safe is simply a marketing name. All of the Remington Safes are made by Liberty Safe Company. Thus, with minor deviations, you will see substantially the same features and specifications across the two lines. The Silver Series most closely resembles the Colonial Series from Liberty.

Warranty: One great feature of all Remington Safes is that they share the Liberty Safe warranty. This means that for the lifetime of your safe, if there is an attempted break in or fire, and your safe is damaged, you get a new safe. True, this first part isn’t all that special, but what is special is that you do not have to pay to ship the old safe back to Remington nor do you pay for the new safe to be shipped to you. This is very rare. Also, the warranty is transferrable. Just make sure you fill out the warranty card and comply with the stated terms of the warranty.

Key Advantages

  1. UL Ratings: The Remington Silver 30 has a UL Group II rated S&G combination lock. It all so has a UL RSC rating, which means the door withstood 5 minutes worth of professional tampering. This is fairly standard ratings and not all that impressive on larger more expensive models. However, on entry level safes, it is an initial vetting point.
  2. Fire Rating: The 45 minute fire rating is the bare minimum I typically look for in a fire rated gun safe. Anything less and you are really cutting it short. Like all Remington and Liberty Safes, the company does the fire rating in house.
  3. Price: Starting at $1,300, I think everyone realizes you are not buying the Maybach of gun safes, but the safe does offer some decent value for the money.

Key Disadvantages

  1. Locking Bolt Sides: The door only has locking bolts on three sides, not four. This is a fairly big concession, even for an entry level safe.
  2. Steel Thickness: The steel is 12 gauge. Again, this is a fairly big concession.

Fit and Finish

Remington offers both textured and glossy finishes, with the available colors dependent on what hardware color you choose, e.g., black, chrome or brass. While there are multiple color options, an initial survey suggests that your ultimate choice has a lot to do with what is in stock. What did you expect for $1,300!

The Silver 30 comes with the standard 3-in-1 flex interior which allows you to set up the interior shelving up to three different ways, depending upon your storage needs.

Bottom Line

Obviously, I like the Remington Silver 30 price. I also like the 45 minute fire rating. I am not sold on 12 gauge steel or locking bolts on only three sides. If you are more worried about fire and internal home security (e.g., children or your cleaning lady) then it is a good option. If you are worried about a thief, then you need to think long and hard about this safe’s deficiencies.

Remington Silver 30 – By the Numbers

Security Features: Silver 30
UL Security Rating RSC
Steel Thickness 12 Gauge
Inside Bolt Holes Yes
Door Hinges Interior
Locking Bolts – No. 11
Locking Bolts – Sides 3
Locking Bolts – Size 1″
Re-Lockers Yes
Lock Rating UL Group II
Lock Type Combination
Lock Manufacturer S&G
Lock Protection Yes
Clutch Mechanism Yes
Fire Protection:
Fire Rating Agency No
Fire Rating 45 min. at 1,200° F
Door Seal Palusol
Insulation Type Fiberboard
Other Considerations:
Interior Lighting Kit
Water Resistant No
Dehumidifier Kit
Basic Features:
Exterior Measurement 60.5″ x 36″ x 25″
Weight (lbs.) 590
Capacity 30