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    Best Rifle Wall Safe

    Top Choices Reviewed

    Choosing the best rifle wall safe is generally straight forward. There are only three main choices out shotgun wall safethere from Stack-On, V-Line and Homak. There are some slight differences between the three models which we will cover more at length below.

    Instead, I would generally point out that none of the choices are a substitute for a good quality gun safe. None are fire proof and none of them have any high level of security.

    They should provide ample protection from children, but a professional thief will not have any problem either opening the door or ripping it out of the wall. Essentially, you are buying a gun cabinet, not a safe.

    So, why bother? Well, the purpose of having a rifle wall safe is not to protect your COLLECTION from theft or fire. It is to protect YOU from theft and mayhem.

    The quick availability of a good shotgun or rifle is a comforting thought if you are in your home during a break-in. I think everyone knows how persuasive the cocking of a shotgun is to dissuading a would be attacker.

    Many people want to keep their full size gun safe in the basement or other area away from your bedroom or other main living area. By having a strategically placed shotgun or rifle wall safe near where you spend most of your time in the home, can come in handy when time is tight.

    A Note on Concealment:

    Concealing the rifle safe is critical.  Obviously, you do not want children, domestic staff (e.g., housekeepers,plumbers, etc.) or casual home guest easily determining where the safe is.  Give some extra thought to how you are going to secure it.  Whether it is a mirror, picture or piece of furniture on wheels, you want easy access yet good concealment.

    Rifle Wall Safe Choices

    So, let’s take a look at the choices. All of the following wall safes are designed to be installed on 16 inch stud spacing.

    1. V-Line
    2. Stack-On
    3. Homak
    v-line rifle wall safe

    V-Line 51653-SA

    1. Exterior Dimension (WxDxH): 16.75″ x 5.75″ x 53″
    2. Interior Dimension: 13″ x 4.75″ x 49.75″
    3. Weight: 70 lbs.
    4. Lock: Mechanical Push Button Lock (also has 2 keyed locks if you desire to use them)
    1. Pros:  This safe is more substantial than the other choices.  The frame is designed to provide better security
      against pry attacks.  Total weight is 70lbs., which is significantly heavier than the other two.  It is
      also two inches deeper so you can fit more items in it.  However, please be aware that the safe will
      protrude two inches out from the wall.  So, if you install it in a closet, no problem.  Otherwise, you
      will need to give some thought to how you will cover it if it is installed in a room or closet.
    1. Cons: While it is more substantial than the other choices, it is also more expensive.  At approximately
      $550, the safe is almost 5 times the cost of your other options.

    Other Considerations:  The internal height is listed at 49 inches, so make sure your weapon will fit in it.  This
    safe has many different add on items for additional storage.  Many more storage options than the others.


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