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    Quick Access Series Review

    The list of possible Stack-On pistol safes is very long. The company makes dozens of different cube safes and other suitable containers. However, only their Quick Access series of safes are really marketed towards handgun owners.

    The Quick Access Series has approximately 5 main models that range in size. These models come in your basic box shape, top loading and drawer. One main characteristic from other similar Stack-On products, as the series name suggests, is that they offer fast access to your handgun when you need it most.

    FYI – I have not reviewed all of the Quick Access models, only the more popular ones.

    Best Pricing

    Here are links to the best pricing on the Stack-On pistol safes product line. Make sure you factor in shipping costs. Amazon.com typically does not include shipping. By comparison, Gunsafes.com has free shipping on orders over $50.



    1. QAS 710
    2. QAS 1200 & 1200B
    3. QAS 1304
    4. QAS 1310
    5. PS 515
    stack on qas 710 handgun safe

    QAS 710

    This handgun safe is a smaller option with a pop UP door. It is designed for placement
    in a drawer or on a shelf. There are pre-drilled holes for mounting purposes. You can
    also use a cable to secure it.

    It comes with a standard electronic lock keypad and will hold one pistol comfortably, possibly two smaller weapons in a pinch.

    1. What I Like: I like the smaller size. Many handgun safes are like a big shoe box and can be difficult to place
      where you want. This safe gives you a couple of different options for storage.
    1. What I do not like: The bottom of the safe can be removed from the outside. Thus, it has to be bolted
      down or it can easily be opened. Obviously, with any safe (large or small), this is recommended.
      However, I find it extremely odd that removing the safe bottom is even possible.The QAS 710 is small enough that it would be nice to take with you on trips or even stick in your bag to
      take to the range if you want. However, many industrious children could easily unscrew the back. Thus,
      bolt this safe down or suffer the consequences!

    Bottom Line: This safe is a decent option so long as you use it only if it is bolted
    down properly. This safe is California DOJ compliant.

    Lock Type Electronic
    Weight 14.4 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions na
    Exterior Dimensions 10.25″ x 16.63″ x 3.08″
    Attachment Bolt Holes
    Key Override Yes
    CA DOJ Yes
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