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    Your Best Options Over $250

    These wall gun safes are amongst the most expensive and highly rated you can purchase today. All of these safes are OVER $250. They feature the best protection you can purchase for a residential wall safe. They have thicker steel, better locking mechanism and better overall construction.

    If you are looking for lower priced models, please see my reviews on wall safes under $250.

    Unlike the lower priced models, there are far fewer companies looking to compete in this arena. I will be reviewing only three different companies that make more expensive wall gun safes:

    Please click on the company name below to go directly to the corresponding wall gun safes review.


    As you will see below, the various wall gun safes have many different options
    (e.g., lock, flange, size, etc.). Often the safe pictures at various online retailers
    will not represent the actual safe you are buying. So, please pay particular attention to
    the model number so that you get the actual safe you are looking to buy.

    1. AMSEC
    2. Gardall
    3. V-Line
    4. Secure Logic
    1. AMSEC
    2. Gardall
    3. V-Line
    4. Secure Logic

    The wall gun safes available from AMSEC are not all created equal. Two of them (WS1014 and WES2114) have similar
    construction to lower priced options, but have a more advanced lock, which is what raises the price over $250.
    The other model, WS-1214, has far better construction more typical of better wall gun safes. Let’s look at each one in turn.

    amsec ws1014 combination wall safe


    This safe has a UL Group II combination lock. This lock is what makes this safe more expensive,
    approximately $370. The key lock model is exactly the same but can be purchased for about $170. This
    is a good basic wall safe that has a better than average lock. Unlike many safes on this page, it does not have
    particularly thick steel. You are essentially paying to have the combination lock.

    PLEASE NOTE: Different wall gun safes (key versus combination lock) may or may not have a different model number,
    so pay attention to the fine print about what you are buying. This safe fits a standard 4 inch deep wall.

    Wall Depth: 4 inches
    Weight: 22 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): NA
    Exterior Dimensions: 12.25″ x 15.75″ x 4″

    *Need to choose combination lock option.

    amsec wes2114 wall safe


    This safe is very similar steel construction to the WS1014. When comparing it to less expensive wall gun safes (under $250), it is very good. When comparing it to more expensive wall gun safes, it is average. The safe retails for approximately $290.

    What makes this safe more expensive? It has a nice electronic lock. It also is a little bigger than many wall gun safes. The other cool feature of the safe is that the lock keeps track of when the safe was opened and which combination (2 ) opened the safe. Thus, if your spouse, or someone else, has a different code than you, you can see when they opened the safe.

    Wall Depth: 4 inches
    Weight: 30 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): NA
    Exterior Dimensions: 22.125″ x 15.125″ x 4″

    amsec ws1214 wall safe


    This safe is the premium offering from AMSEC in this price point, other than the fire proof wall gun safes.
    Pricing is about $700-$800.

    All of this extra security comes at a price. You will need a 10 inch deep wall space for this model. Obviously, most walls cannot accommodate this depth, so you will need a bulkhead or possibly extend the safe into a closet, etc.

    Key Features:

    1. UL Group II Lock
    2. Hard Plate
    3. Locking Bar (protects hinges)
    4. Relocking Device
    5. 5 Locking Bolts
    6. Carpeted interior

    Let’s be clear. NONE of the lower priced wall gun safes can even come close to the security features on this safe.
    Relocking device? Hard Plate? 5 Locking Bolts? Wow. This wall safe is pricey, but it is head and shoulders above the vast majority of safes on the market today.

    Wall Depth: 10 inches
    Weight: 86 lbs.
    Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): NA
    Exterior Dimensions: 12.625″ x 14.125″ x 10″

    AMSEC also has two great fire proof wall gun safes that I review on the linked page. These two fire rated safes require a unique wall space, but are a great option if you are looking to upgrade.


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