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    Winchester Western 34 Gun Safe

    The Western 34 was discontinued in 2011. Please enjoy the review if you happen to find one still in inventory. Just make sure you get a good discount!!Winchester Western gun safe

    The Western 34 gun safe from Winchester Safes is the largest in the Western series. It holds up to 45 long guns. This series is the next level up from the Ranger Series and it offers much better features than the Ranger.

    Like all Winchester Safes, the Western 34 has some good features and some bad. Each model tries to balance the features you want with value you can afford. If you were looking to match this safe up against the ideal gun safe, as discussed in my gun safe buying guide, the Western 34 would not be the option for you.

    However, if you do not want to, or cannot afford, to buy a $5,000 or $6,000 safe, the Western 34 may be a competent option for you.

    Let’s start with the positive:

    Key Advantages:

    1. UL RSC Rating: Let’s start with the basics. This safe has a UL RSC rating. The RSC rating means that safe cracking experts at UL have
      tried to enter the safe door and failed for at least 5 minutes. Methods used to try and compromise the door include prying,
      drilling, punching, chiseling, and other tampering techniques.
    2. UL Type 2 Rated Lock This is an electronic lock rated by UL. You can also usually get a UL Group II rated combination lock for no extra cost if you want.
    3. Locking Bolts: There are 14 locking bolts arrayed around all four door sides. This is a vast improvement over the Ranger
      Series which only has bolts on two sides. Each locking bolts is a respectable 1.25″.
    4. Fire Rating: Winchester Safe rates the Western 34 gun safe as fire retardant for 1 hour at 1,400° F.
      Winchester does all of its fire testing in house. They could never be accused of “over sharing” when it comes to divulging how the tests are
      administered or providing detailed results. This is one of those evaluation areas where you will have to take a
      leap of faith that the safe will perform as promised.
    5. Price: Let’s face it, this is a value pick, not that there is anything wrong with that. I have seen this gun safe for as
      little as $1,150. So, it offers a lot of storage for the price.

    Key Disadvantages

    1. Steel Thickness: If you have read any of my other Winchester Safe reviews, you will notice I am always harping on the steel thickness.
      The Western 34 gun safe has 12 gauge steel. This is not a huge deterrent to an experienced thief, bit will cause problems for
      those thieves who maybe didn’t know you had a safe and don’t really know how to get into one.
    2. Size: While the safe can hold up to 45 long guns, it is only has 54 inches in internal height. If you have
      longer guns, make sure they will fit in this safe.

    Fit and Finish

    Your external color options are limited to two (charcoal and granite). There is only one internal color. The safe does have ample shelving.

    Bottom Line

    This is a big safe. It is also an inexpensive safe. So long as you know you are giving up some key features, if you are on a budget, this is not a bad option compared with other low priced gun safes.

    Winchester Western 34 – By the Numbers

    Western 34


    12 Gauge







    UL Type 2






    1 hour at 1,400° F






    59″ x 40″ x 27″



                     Security Features:
                  UL Security Rating               Steel Thickness               Inside Bolt Holes               Door Hinges               Locking Bolts – No.                Locking Bolts – Sides               Locking Bolts – Size               Re-Lockers               Lock Rating               Lock Type              Lock Manufacturer               Lock Protection               Clutch Mechanism              Fire Protection:               Fire Rating Agency              Fire Rating              Door Seal               Insulation Type                Other Considerations:              Interior Lighting               Water Resistant               Dehumidifier                Basic Features:               Exterior Measurement               Weight (lbs.)               Capacity
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